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Sassion is the NPC in charge of Ta'Vaalor's delivery service, which is located near the Vermilion Gate. She can be found past a canvas curtain in the back room.


A middle-aged Elven woman dressed in a soft green robe with a plain white apron tied around her waist, Sassion looks both dignified and friendly.  Her fine golden hair is lightly sprinkled with strands of silver, and falls in wispy curls around her face.

Young adventurers (Level 5 and under) can ASK SASSION FOR WORK. However, they have to have at least one hand empty or Sassion will decide that they have enough to do already.

Room Messaging

Sassion walks from behind the counter, leans through the curtain and murmurs something to someone outside.  Shaking her head slightly, she returns to her position behind the counter.

A lithe, silver-haired Elven man strolls into the shop, whispers something in Sassion's ear and smiles when she nods at him in reply.  With a quick wink in her direction he exits the room.

Sassion covers her mouth with her hand and gives a gentle yawn.

Sassion whistles the soft trilling melody of a popular Elven ballad as she stacks a row of letters neatly in a wooden box.

Sassion looks up at you, smiles kindly and says, "Hello.  If you are looking for work, all you need do is ask."