Scarlet eahnor full plate

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Some scarlet eahnor full plate was sold at the Ebon Gate 2009 auction.


  • 7x
  • Unbalance Flares


The smell of pine fills your senses, and a dense evergreen forest materializes before you. In the forest are two young human children, a boy and a girl, scampering over beds of pine needles and taking daring leaps across a small stream. Their laughter echoes through the sunlit scene, light filtering gently down through the branches of the tall trees.

A second scene swims into your vision. The same children from the forest, now adults, stand facing each other at a city gate. The girl is taller, and her dark blonde hair is longer. The boy, now every inch a man, wears a serious expression and is dressed in full battle attire. He smiles faintly, touching her shoulder, and in response she wraps her arms around him in an embrace of familial affection. As he walks away, tears spill freely down her cheeks, though her smile remains proud and hopeful.

The vision is vivid and brutal. Battle cries and screams of pain fill the air, a mob of howling undead attacking a human cavalry with ruthless speed. The tall soldier fights valiantly in front of two younger warriors, their eyes wide with fear, their bodies paralyzed by indecision. As the young men retreat to safety, the older soldier is overwhelmed by the sneering forces of undead. A brutal blow ends his life in an instant. Quickly dismembered by zombies, his scarlet armor is abandoned.

Blackness swims before your vision for a moment, clearing to reveal a scene dominated by the presence of hundreds of mournbloom blossoms. Sobbing born of deep despair comes from the mouth of the blonde woman. Clad in black, she kneels before a crimson suit of armor that is resting upon a black marble slab. As she reaches to touch the battered plate, her cries grow louder, and the visage of her overwhelming grief is almost too much to bear.