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Sea Chest is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is located on North Market Pier and sells a variety of pirate gear.

[The Sea Chest]
The inside of this old shed still looks like...a shed. At any rate it's clean, and a single table holds an assortment of traditional seafaring accoutrements. You also see a wooden sign and the ex-seaman Will Oakum.


Welcome to The Sea Chest!

The ex-seaman Will Oakum offers his catalog to browse.
Will exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a peg leg                          7. a rope belt
  2. a black eyepatch                   8. some black bloused pantaloons
  3. a knotted red bandana              9. a sailcloth haversack
  4. a single gold earring              10. a cutlass
  5. some knee-high buccaneer's boots   11. a boarding axe
  6. some seathrak-soled seaboots       12. a boarding pike

Will Oakum

The ex-seaman Will Oakum stands before you, skin leathery from years spent exposed to the elements of the harsh sea.  Vacant eyes peer from behind his bearded face, gazing into days long gone.  A long oilskin cloak is drapped from his shoulders.

The ex-seaman Will Oakum slowly unpacks a pile of boots from a crate, stacking them behind the counter.