Sea Rat

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Sea Rat is a food shop in River's Rest. It is located on River Walk in The Warren.

[The Warren, The Sea Rat]
The heavy odor of grease and frying fish hangs over the narrow rectangular room set with several mismatching tables and chairs. Salt-encrusted rope and netting decorate the walls, in addition to a large stuffed rat situated above the entrance. Cracks in the floorboards reveal the sight of the rushing waters of the Tempest River, while a counter at the far end provides a place to order one's meal.


Welcome to The Sea Rat!

Bareba offers her catalog to browse.
Bareba exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. some raw Maelstrom Bay oysters   5. a mug of dark river ale
  2. a plate of breaded shrimp        6. a plate of pan-fried calamari
  3. a glass of iced lemonade         7. a buttered red lobster tail
  4. a glass of chilled milk          8. a crawfish tail