Selantha Anodheles II

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Selantha Anodheles II was an empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire. She reigned from 4820 until 4843, M.E.

Empress Selantha Anodheles II was the daughter of Ommindar Anodheles, and married to Garl Chandrennin. The marriage was an extraordinary event in the political history, as it united two of the most powerful families in the empire. Selantha had been previously married, but her first husband, Prince Arne, was killed by a troll while hunting. It was not the last tragedy in Selantha's life. Shortly after her reign began, her son by her second husband, Valkern Anodheles attempted to assassinate his mother and half-brother Morlan Anodheles. He failed to kill his mother, but did succeed in killing Morlan. He was captured, and at Selantha's orders, his feet were chopped off. Bloodied, Valkern was chained to a stone in Tamzyrr's bay, and left to die when sharks followed their noses back to the bleeding prince. Suspicious of her own husband's role in the assassination, the Empress sent her husband in a virtual exile to Elstreth in Aldora as her Southern Sentinel.

Selantha's political fortunes took a turn for the worse by her decision to initiate the Third Elven War against the House of Faendryl in 4841. The Empress, spurred by a famous seer of the Empire, and with the backing of the Church of Koar, ordered the attack on the Faendryl. Despite early initial successes, the war was a fiasco with the Imperial troops being defeated by the demon summoning dark elves. As a result, demonspawn were created on the south eastern border, which later demanded the construction of the Demonwall. Selantha executed the seer who had advised her and then turned to drinking, due to the sober realization that her reign would become known purely for the disastrous war. She died as a result of the drinking in 4843. She was succeeded by Wayrick Anodheles, a cousin whom she had selected as her heir after the death of her children.