Shard of urnon

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a shard of urnon


The urnon's surface is dusted with a myriad of different hues, the colorful streaks ever-whirling into a vortex of strange, alien beauty.


RUB: You carefully rub your urnon, causing it to pulse through a range of dark hues.
TOUCH: You lightly touch your urnon and its surface ripples languidly.
POKE: You poke your urnon and the ripples your finger causes travels across its entire surface.
TURN: You idly turn your urnon around, causing it to shift through a range of dark golden hues.
STARE: (this one will stun you): You stare intently at your urnon, concentrating hard to force your will upon it...You recoil in horror as a lash of energy whips from your urnon and tears at your mind!
Roundtime: 30 secs.
STARE (At this point the urnon begins to shape shift) The urnon begins to shift more easily as you release your mental grip from it.
Roundtime: 30 secs.
STARE again to freeze the shape:The urnon nearly stops shifting and seems to freeze in its current state, its movements far more sluggish as you dominate it with your mind.
Roundtime: 30 secs.


NOTE: Italics is what the audience sees when the bard performs the song.

You weave your melody about the urnon, and it begins to shudder intensely as if it was on the verge of breaking. It melts into a small puddle in the palm of your hand and begins to emit a piercing shrilling noise that is heard more in your mind. You attempt to match the tone, and the urnon's noises increase in tone to an almost urgent pitch, and your vision flashes briefly with images too fast to comprehend or decipher.

The urnon become still, then reforms into its normal shape.

Bestrix weaves his melody about the urnon, and it begins to shudder intensely as if it was on the verge of breaking. It melts into a small puddle in his palm as he continues his song.

Bestrix gets an odd look on his face, and the urnon reforms into its normal shape.

You attempt to match the urnon's faint hum you heard before, your voice rising with the same urgency it now seems to speak with in your mind. Faint feelings begin to flash across your senses as the urnon ripples violently, and you feel its power reaching out to you...

A vision suddenly flashes across your eyes, too quick to see clearly, though it breaks your concentration and brings your song to an abrupt end. Looks like you'll have to try again.

Bestrix sings in a distinct melody, his voice seemingly rising and falling in synch to the urnon's faint ripples and pulsings. They both rise to a feverish pitch, but then Bard blinks dazedly and his song comes to an abrupt end.

You match the urnon's metallic humming with perfect clarity this time, and it shivers violently as its tones mix with yours. Suddenly your senses are utterly overwhelmed by flashes of feelings and visions...

Bestrix matches the urnon's rippling in perfect harmonious synch, and it shivers violently as he contnues to sing.

Suddenly Bestrix gets a glassy-eyed look, then pales as he shakes his head and seems to recover.

You feel embraced by everything in nothing... You drift endlessly in a sea of intense joy and immense sadness... You laugh the laugh of a madman and comprehend all... You see everything yet your eyes are shut... You hear all, but you have no ears... You lie dead on the floor, but feel more alive than you have ever felt... You massacre a field of people, yet they smile invitingly at you... One thing remains constant as the different feelings pass over you... a faint shadowy presence looms across each like a predator in wait. As the visions and sensations pass, you get the sense that you felt the touch of pure chaos for the briefest of moments.

You make a clunky attempt to weave a melody around the urnon, and you sense its energies pulling away from your song rapidly. As you search for the perfect tone, your voice suddenly cracks, and you let out a piercing falsetto note that causes the urnon to shiver almost to the point of breaking. You decide not to press your luck further.