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Shield script that adds a pocket within it. It has several verb traps. This was released in 2003 at the Anfelt festival.

a battle-worn gladiator's tower shield emblazoned with a blazing phoenix

analyze shield You analyze your battle-worn shield and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information: You get a strong sense that the shield can be altered by any merchant as long as the harness" remains in place.

Currently you are able to use DROP, RUB, TURN, COWER, and PUNCH/KILL/SLAP/BATTER on the battle-worn shield. The size of the weapon that can be stored in the shield's harness is dependent on the size of the shield.

Verb Messaging
LOOK IN On the reverse of a battle-worn gladiator's tower shield emblazoned with a blazing phoenix, a complex webbing of oiled leather straps and polished buckles forms an intricate arm harness. The straps are arranged in a pattern that appears able to secure a weapon within.
RUB (w/o weapon) You examine your shield for scars and imperfections. Flipping it over, you adjust the leather harness attached to the shield, taking care to adjust the tangle of straps and buckles to a perfect fit.
RUB (w/ weapon) You carefully work the straps holding your dagger in place free so that you can remove it.
TURN (w/o weapon) You place your shield on the floor and place one foot on it and kneel down. Unlacing the harness, you meticulously inspect the straps and buckles for signs of wear. Carefully, you weave the braided leather into the buckles and cinch it tightly.
TURN (w/ weapon) You glance at the dagger securely laced into the harness of your shield. Unsatisfied with the security of the fastenings, you lay the a battle-worn gladiator's tower shield emblazoned with a blazing phoenix on the ground and tug at the straps, tightening it, then reclaim the shield.
COWER You pull your battle-worn shield over your head and hunker down
PUT You unbuckle the oiled leather harness of your shield. Carefully, you slide your dagger into the webbing, then cinch it tightly.
GET You reach into the tangle of straps and buckles on your harness and pull out your drake dagger.