Shimmering crimson Dhe'nar bastard-sword

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a shimmering crimson Dhe'nar bastard-sword


This item has no show description.


This was once the blade of a Dhe'nar dark scout.
NOTE: This item was orginally named an Esleash Eldha'a bastard sword.


Your voice resonates slightly against the bastard-sword, causing vibrations in tune with your song. As your song synchronizes with the bastard-sword, the metal begins to glow brightly. A faint image of a hot forge, a dark dwarven smith working over it, comes into focus.

As you continue to focus your song on the bastard-sword, the images begin to come clearer with each note sung. The smith plunges his finished blade into a vat of water, raising a cloud of steam, then hands the weapon to another dwarf, one you sense to be an Esleash Eldha'a or dark scout, a warrior caste member of great importance to the Khanshael and the Dhe'nar. The scout is clad in full battle armor, as if ready to begin a quest.

As you continue your melody, a dark elven priest enters the forge. The Esleash Eldha'a kneels down, holding the bastard-sword with both hands up and outstretched to the priest. The priest bows his head in prayer.

The priest's lips seem to move faster as the bastard-sword begins to glow brightly. The Khanshael smith bows deeply as the priest's words vibrate the bastard-sword until suddenly it seems to shimmer in his hands and go still. The dark scout rises slowly, bowing deeply, and heads out of the forge to his awaiting fate as the priest smiles slightly to himself and fades into the darkness. The smith nods in satisfaction and begins to stoke the fires again.