Shimmering glaesine orb

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A shimmering glaesine orb was an item given out during the day to night mechanics release.


a shimmering glaesine orb (wearable)

>look orb

The orb is shaped of pure midnight blue glaes, crafted into a perfect orb.  It hangs from a delicate silver chain affixed with a tiny moon-shaped mithril pin.

Tiny shimmering crystals hover inside the orb, pulsating slightly with the light of the stars.  Currently they form the shape of the constellation of The Cat's Paw.

Barely visible on the glaesine surface of the orb, some words have been etched in minute script around its circumference.

>read orb

Minute but elegant script is barely visible as it encircles your glaesine orb...

"Frae Naira vers Deiam, Jae esais bevre Tua ae te Draekeche."

"From Dusk til Dawn, I stand between thee and the darkness."

                                      - from the journals of
                                        Linsandrych Illistim
                                        circa -49,080

Verb Traps

TOUCH: changes color

RAISE: A glittering aura of midnight blue starlight glows around Arianiss for just a moment.

RUB: The shimmering constellation within Arianiss's glaesine orb glows softly.

NUDGE: A brief flash of shimmering silvery light flashes around Arianiss.

TURN: changes constellation

- 405

You gesture at a shimmering glaesine orb.
The orb vibrates gently.  A brief vision of a glittering implosion in a darkened void fills your mind.  Brightly glowing spheres are flung outward from the center of the implosion, hurtling through the darkness as they yet bring illumination to the void.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

- loresong (others will see the loresong)

As Arianiss sings, your eyesight fades and all around you sinks into a void of velvety darkness.  Gradually, your vision returns.


As Arianiss's voice rises and falls, your vision fades to utter darkness.  Suddenly an implosion shakes the blackness of the void, the searing brightness at its center blinding you momentarily before your eyesight returns.


As Arianiss continues to sing, your eyesight dims.  You see the image of brightly glowing spheres hurtling away from the center of a bright implosion, bringing light to the far reaches of the velvety darkness of the void.

Slowly, your eyesight returns and your surroundings fade into view.


As Arianiss concludes the song, your vision dims one final time.  Glowing spheres of light hurtling away from a bright center begin to slow their advance into the darkness around them, eventually hovering with gentle grace as pinpoints of light in the unending sea of midnight.  Pulsating slightly, the spheres hum with the resonance of all the ages.

Slowly, your eyesight returns and your surroundings fade into view.

>inspect orb

Inspecting that may not be a sound idea.

>analyze orb

You analyze your glaesine orb and sense that there is no recorded information on that item.  It may or may not be able to be worked on by a merchant alterer.

You get no sense of whether or not the orb may be further lightened.