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Elanith is the main known continent for the world setting of Elanthia. It is the most major land mass of the greater continent Jontara, which is located north of the continent Finnia.


The continent's main regions:


An overview of the history of the known world, as recorded in the Chronicles, may be found in:

A variety of races call Elanith home: Human, Giantman, Elf, Half-Elf, Dark Elf, Sylvankind, Dwarf, Halfling, Forest Gnome, and Burghal Gnome. Other races are recently arrived on the continent: Half-Krolvin, Aelotoi, and Erithian.

Lands of Adventure

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The great continent of Elanith is fraught with dangers known and unknown. Wild beasts, ferocious monsters and terrors unnamed wander the lands. However, many strongholds and safehavens have made a stand against the chaos and have prospered. Most young adventurers get their start within the harbor town of Wehnimer's Landing, the Halfling town of Icemule Trace or the Elven city of Ta'Vaalor. Many other towns exist for travel, trade and exploration, including the mining town of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle, the free port of Solhaven, the town of River's Rest, and the Pinefar Trading Post far to the north. For those that dare to cross the great DragonSpine mountain range, the Dwarven city of Zul Logoth provides an unlikely resting spot along the Locksmehr Trail which leads to the great city of Ta'Illistim and the hamlet of Sylvarraend, each part of the magical Elven Nations.

Also of interest are the Lysierian Hills region, the Dragonsclaw Mountains and the elusive Mysterious Realms.

Behind the Scenes

Several very old stories and NPCs refer to the continent as Jontara, with "Elanith" meaning instead only the Darkstone Bay region. In 2020, Jontara was re-defined as a continental region which includes continents Elanith, Atan Irith, and the Shattered Continent. Elanith is also a substitute word for Quellburn, a ruined I.C.E. Age city on the High Plateau. There was also a Kingdom of Elanith (perhaps loosely based on Quellburn) in the River's Rest region a thousand years ago. Thus, Elanith actually has four meanings, but usually implies the continent.