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Ship names in the Open Sea Adventures system follow generally the same pattern. The word 'The', followed by an adjective or flavor text, a color, and a noun.

Ship Name Combinations

Adjective/Flavors Colors Nouns
Quick Umber Onion
Shady Alabaster Demon
Dangerous Mint Green Cow
Eminent Olive-hued Pumpkin
Faithful Cerulean Corsair
Grim Amber Jewel
Dread Ebon Revenge
Brave Auburn Wench
Terrifying Raven-hued Journey
Wild Grey Serenity
Energetic Gold Dawn
Strong Mauve Hobgoblin
Fast Orange Madness
Unfaithful Ivory Artichoke
Cruel Sanguine Tempest
Frightful Incarnadine Sun
Frigid Fuchsia Triton
Bruised Ashen Castle
Vast Apricot Tomato
Lethargic Cherry Red Goose
Rotund Stark White Shark
Breakable Plum Ahoy
Shabby Tan Dragon
Witty Zenith
Lazy Ashen Bandit

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