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Shock Weapons are weapons that can be loaded with elemental essences (essence of fire, water, earth, and air) and fired at creatures. They were originally sold at Pole Party at the 2015 Ebon Gate festival in the form of polearms and runestaves. This script cannot be placed on existing items. They can be unlocked up to 9 times in 8 different properties. In addition, additional fluff scripts tied to the element of the weapon may be unlocked that are not included in the 9 mechanical unlocks.

The metal they are made out of or adorned with determines the element that will be fired: gornar, zorchar, drakar, or rhimar. Each weapon off the shelf is four times enchanted.


You analyze your WEAPON and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
* General Alterations are fine if you find an extremely skilled and rare merchant to work with this.
* It CAN have a long or a show description, if the merchant is comfortable adding one.

Currently Unlocked Verbs:
Unlock Status: Off the Shelf (1 of 3 on unlocking)
Verbs Trapped: Point, Put (to load), Fix
Percent Damaged: 1%
Total Possible Charges: 10
Total Charges Remaining: 0


Current Stats:

 Current Cooldown: 20 Minutes
   This can be upgraded to have its cooldown reduced to 10 minutes.

 Current Critical Strength.
  The WEAPON is currently set to default range.
   This can be unlocked to have an increased minimum range.

 Degredation chance
  The WEAPON currently has a 2%-5% chance to degrade.
   This can be upgraded to have its degredation chance reduced to 1%-3%.

 Feedback Chance
  The WEAPON currently has a 5% chance for feedback.
   This can be upgraded to have its feedback chance reduced to 3%.

 Total Charge Capacity
  The WEAPON currently can hold 10 charges.
   This can be upgraded to have 25 charges.

 Repair Difficulty
  The WEAPON is currently HARD to repair.
   This can be upgraded to have a reduced repair difficulty to MEDIUM.

 Charge Efficiency
  The WEAPON is currently a 1 essence to 1 charge ratio.
   This can be upgraded to 1:2.

  The WEAPON currently has a 5 second roundtime.
   This can be upgraded to be reduced to 3 seconds.

Total Upgrades: 0
This WEAPON can be upgraded 9 more times

Information shared by Farain at EG Regarding Shock Lances (which includes all weapons in the line, not just lances):

There are basically 3 types of unlocks, fluff, parameter (or upgrades), and auction quality.

There are 2 fluff unlocks.

Each parameter is upgraded independently, and each weapon has more combined unlocks from parameters than allowed unlocks for the weapon, which means two "fully unlocked" weapons could be very different. Each upgrade description tells you what the NEXT upgrade will give you, not the maximum possible.

The auction quality unlocks teased so far were ambients and elemental wave

Cooldown Caps at 2 Unlocks, 5 Minute cooldown. At Maximum Unlocks, Charge Efficiency becomes "only uses a charge when it has feedback." I believe this is 3 unlocks but I am not sure. At Maximum Unlocks, Feedback Chance becomes zero. This means that a properly unlocked weapon will no longer need ammo.

Note however that a weapon that unlocks Cooldown, Charge Capacity, and Feedback will have unlimited use (aside from breaking) but will still break, and will have the lowest power.

Additionally, unlocks at EG were limited to the venue. Only one single parameter could be unlocked, unless you were spun, caught a fish hook, or won a raffle (that was not announced, and was placed during unlocking sessions). You could also only win at most one additional unlock.