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Shu'raax (Iruaric: "Fire Claw") was an Ordainer named Morloch who served as a bodyguard of the Empress Kadaena in the First Era of Shadow World. He was most famous for being a member of the most powerful cabal in the I.C.E. Age history, the Jerak Ahrenreth (Iruaric: "Cult of the Secret Circle"), which included Lorgalis as well as two of the Dragonlords and a few other infamous members. He had controlled most of eastern Thuul from his fortress of Ahrenraax (Iruaric: "Secret Claw") until the second or third millennium of the Third Era when he allowed others to hold sway.

Shu'raax was under the control of Schrek in the Third Era, and he has inexplicably (to the Loremasters) stopped exerting dominion over his surroundings. The fortress of Morloch is on an island in Thuul directly northeast of the Pillar of the Gods. There is a blue tint skinned race called the Jhordi, slightly reminiscent of the Ithzir, due west of this island who only communicate telepathically.

Behind the Scenes

Shu'raax was used as the name of a Drake in a non-canonical story for the Elanthian Times.

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