Sign of Recognition

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Council of Light - edit
The Iron Wind
Tasks Mana & Spirit
1. Recognition 2. Signal
3. Warding 4. Striking
5. Clotting 6. Thought
7. Defending 8. Smiting
9. Staunching 10. Deflection
11. Hypnosis 12. Swords
13. Shields 14. Dissipation
15. Healing 16. Madness
17. Possession 18. Wracking
19. Darkness 20. Hopelessness

The Sign of Recognition is a secret code motion that will be interpreted by its user and other adventurers. If no one else in the room is a member of the Council of Light, then you simply perform the motion, and nothing else happens. If others are recognized as members, then you can see who they are, and if they are higher or lower in rank than yourself within the council. Other members can also identify the rank of the user of the Sign.