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Siwas as portrayed by Divone.

Siwas Devessi is a human empath. She enjoys well-brewed tea, bothering the people of Solhaven, and brooding.


Siwas was born to an unmarried young human named Lyndra in a small village just across the river from the Wyrdeep Forest in South Hendor. She was raised by her mother and her aunt Neiva until Lyndra married a local woodcutter named Beringar years later. She and her half-sister Shannivar arrived in Wehnimer's Landing mere weeks after the end of the first Griffon Sword conflict to find their mother dead, their aunt missing, and the city in shambles. Leaving her much younger sister in the care of the Temple of Lorminstra, Siwas turned her attention and energy to using her untrained healing skills to support the two of them.

She was engaged for a time to a follower of Sheru, Setzier vonEvenlore. After a particularly bad argument she followed him to the slopes of Aenatumgana to mend things only to find that he had decided to ask Draezir, the High Priest of Sheru, to remove his ability to love and offer it to the Jackal as a sacrifice. On hearing this and realizing that not only had it been requested, it had already been done, she turned and went alone higher into the mountains. It's unknown what happened there, but when she returned to the Landing she was somewhat distant and more subdued than before. Though few knew it at the time, the touch of Mularos had seized her heart up on the mountainside and to this day has not let her go.

The Second Griffon Sword War

History came full circle a year or two after that, as the Griffon Sword was shattered anew and the avatars of the Dark Alliance came to the Landing. Maintaining her privacy about her faith was no longer an option once she followed the prophet Ulstram to Teras Isle and laid claim to the alabaster hilt of the Sword herself, betraying all those with him to death at the hands of V'Tull's army in the heart of the Teras volcano as she fled with her prize. For a very long time she begged Eryael, the High Priest of Mularos, to take the hilt from her, but he refused. It was not until a mob of angry, starving townspeople led by a mad priest of Lorminstra came for her one night, burning her alive at a stake on the Hangman's Bridge of Solhaven, that she was able to free herself of the burden. As Eryael came for her after the execution, spiriting her body away to be tended to, he showed her a swirl of darkness deep inside the pure alabaster of the hilt. He told her it had been placed there by the dark feelings of those who had killed her, and explained that this was why she had been required to bear the burden for so long. Eryael marked Siwas with a distinctly-patterned scar across the back of her neck, a sign of the favor of Mularos. It is a constant source of pain to her, as fresh now as the moment it was done, and occasionally bleeds anew.

Current Wherebouts

Siwas travels a good deal through the Turamzyrrian Empire, seeking out small cults of Mularos and helping them to flourish as she quietly fulfills her Arkati's wishes. She does her best to keep herself unseen and unheard of by the local officials of whatever province she's in at the time, and is gone long before the occasional corpse is discovered.


You see Siwas Devessi the Martyr.

She appears to be a Human from Hendor.

She is average height and appears to be an adult. She has almond-shaped, deep cobalt blue eyes and dusky sepia-hued skin. She has shoulder-length, lustrous black hair worn in a multitude of elaborate, narrow braids secured with small silver beads. She has an angular face, a narrow, slightly upturned nose and slender wrists.

She has a thin scar tracing a delicate pattern across the back of her neck.

She is wearing a thorned incarnadine blossom, a set of brass hoop earrings with shattered sapphires wrapped in copper and silver wire, a ruby Mularos symbol, a high-collared sleeveless bodice crafted from a tightly wound length of black silk, a wide bronze cuff embossed with a row of concentric circles, a low-slung deep carmine belt, a shimmering black satchel, some silk-lined black leather pants, and a pair of sleek soot black half-boots.