Small Blades Stand

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Small Blades Stand is a weapon shop in Solhaven. It is located in North Market.

[The Small Blades Stand]
Its edge nicked and scarred by customers testing the merchandise, the small stand's modwir counter holds knives and daggers of various sizes and shapes. Several types of sheaths hang on a rack towards the back of the stand. You also see the bladesmith Edge McGurski.


Welcome to The Small Blades Stand!

The bladesmith Edge McGurski offers his catalog to browse.
Edge exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bone-handled knife       7. a leaf-bladed dagger
  2. a rigging knife            8. a wrist sheath
  3. a mithril-edged poignard   9. an ankle sheath
  4. a trail knife              10. a back sheath
  5. a bejeweled dagger         11. a belt sheath
  6. a left-handed dagger

Edge McGurski

Bladesmith Edge McGurski is a quiet man, with dark, deep-set, implacable eyes.  Definitely not a man to be haggled with.  His large hands are scarred and calloused, and he has a tight, white scar close over his right eye.  He wears a thick leather apron and, interestingly, no shoes.