Smooth-edged gold coin

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a smooth-edged gold coin


The edges are no longer as round and perfect as they once were, when first the coin was minted, and the gold surface is now a bit dull. Still deeply impressed upon the front, however, is the profile of Yshryth Faendryl, and on the back is the image of the impressive Basilica.


No other details are known.


Starting notes from your song evoke the image of the towering patriarchal Basilica of the glorious Faendryl Empire. The time of bloodshed and mourning is hopefully coming to an end, as first matriarch Geniselle Anaya Faendryl ascends to the position. Radiant from her throne, she gives off an aura of confidence, but beneath her strong exterior she knows that her term will be short-lived due to binding elven traditions.

Continuing your song, the image of Geniselle comes to you once again, a small elven boy standing by her side. She looks upon him with evident love and adoration, praising him as he speaks of his accomplishments that day. An advisor hovers nearby, watching the couple, leaning over occasionally to whisper in the matriarch's ear. She nods each time, a wistful look upon her face."

Escalating your tune, you see the same throne room, but now the elven lad is older. Geniselle fusses over him motheringly, pulling at his elegant suit, adjusting it as she rambles on with advice. He frowns and pushes her hands away impatiently. A blare of trumpets sound a clarion call and the doors at the far end of the hall open. Side by side, the two exit the room, your vision suddenly shifting to the Basilica steps. Mother and son arrive to greet the cheering crowd gathered for a celebration.

As you reach the crescendo of the song, your inner vision returns to the steps of the Basilica, where the elder elven places a crown upon the head of the lad. A wild and triumphant cry sounds from the masses, and the elven youth moves forward to speak. Impassioned, he makes a plea for unity and leadership within their House, a welcome direction to end internal strife. In a shocking turn, he then declares that plotting against the Patriarchy to be a capital crime, and those offenders who sought to destroy it would be retroactively sentenced. Turning to face his mother, Yshryth Faendryl performs the ultimate betrayal and commands her execution.