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Type Roleplaying
Wedding Yes
Culture Loenthra
Profession Sorcerer

GAZE is a versatile roleplay verb. GAZE LINE is also very helpful at merchants working in room order, and GAZE TICKET can be used to check ongoing raffles. In addition, GAZE can be used by a Ranger to determine their level of friendship with their companion. Loenthrans and sorcerers have a special usage.


>gaze help

    GAZE                     - Gaze at your surroundings
    GAZE {self}              - Wrinkle your nose
    GAZE [style] [target]    - Gaze to someone or something in a particular manner
    GAZE [style] [direction] - Gaze in a direction in an optional style
    GAZE UP                  - Gaze into the heavens
    GAZE DOWN                - Hang your head
    GAZE SURVEY              - Survey the area
    GAZE MY FEET             - Check your footing
    GAZE MY HANDS            - Examine your fingernails
    GAZE EYES {player}       - Gaze into {target}'s eyes.
    GAZE WATCH {player}      - Watch {target} intently.
    GAZE LINE                - Observe where you are in room order.
    GAZE SET [option]        - Shows or sets the GAZE verb options available

Where [style] is one of the following:

Verb Info

>verb info gaze
Verb information for verb "GAZE":

Self target:
STANDARD           - Vanah wrinkles her nose.
LOENTHRAN          - Vanah's gaze grows distant, her thoughts clearly focused on other matters.

People targets:
  FIRST PERSON     - You gaze fondly at (target) and your heart swells with love for him/her.  She smiles back in return.
  SECOND PERSON    - Vanah gazes at you lovingly and you can't help but smile back in return.
  THIRD PERSON     - Vanah gives (target) a loving gaze, and the two smile at each other widely.
WAVEDANCER WEDDING - You gaze thoughtfully at (target), a small smile  crossing your lips.
  FIRST PERSON     - You gaze lovingly at (target), thankful he/she chose to spend his/her life with you.
  SECOND PERSON    - Vanah gazes lovingly at you, a gratifying smile crossing her lips.
ETERNAL WEDDING    - You turn a lustful, heated gaze toward (target).  When he/she notices you, you wet your lower lip with the tip of your tongue.
  LOENTHRAN        - Vanah pauses and regards (target) with an incisive, analytical gaze.
  SORCERER         - You shift your eyes to (target).
  SAME GENDER      - You gaze in awe at (target).
  OPP. GENDER      - You gaze fondly at (target).
NORMAL             - You gaze at (target).
SORCERER           - You shift your eyes to (target).

Object targets:
Note: Messaging differs depending on if the item is in hand, in your inventory, or elsewhere.
STANDARD           - You gaze with interest at (target).
NORMAL             - You gaze at (target).
SORCERER           - You shift your eyes to (target).
LOENTHRAN          - Vanah pauses and studies (target) with thoughtful
                     consideration, moving to observe it from multiple angles.

Creature targets:
  WEAK CREATURES   - You gaze in amusement at (creature).
  OTHER CREATURES  - You gaze in amazement at (creature).
NORMAL             - You gaze at (target).
SORCERER           - You shift your eyes to (target).
LOENTHRAN          - Vanah engages in a thorough, albeit cautious, visual examination of the (creature) before her, moving to observe it from multiple angles.

No target:
STANDARD           - You gaze in wonder at your surroundings.
NORMAL             - You gaze at your surroundings.
SORCERER           - You shift your eyes.
LOENTHRAN          - Vanah pauses and studies her surroundings with thoughtful consideration.

Other options:
  MY FEET          - You check your footing.
  MY HAND          - You examine your fingernails.
  DOWN             - You hang your head.
  UP               - You gaze up into the heavens.
  SURVEY           - You survey the area.
  DIRECTION        - You gaze (direction).
  LINE             - Shows place in room order.  No third person messaging.
  STYLES           - See GAZE HELP.

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.

Animal Companions

Contentment (relationship level at befriending)

>gaze tiger
You gaze admiringly at your friend and companion, the orange tiger, which returns the look with a sense of contentment.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Undying loyalty (best possible relationship)

>gaze tiger
You gaze admiringly at your friend and companion, the orange tiger, which looks directly into your eyes and offers a sense of undying loyalty.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Gaze Line

You gaze around the area and note that you are first in line.
You gaze around the area and note that XXX is directly in front of you.

Gaze Ticket

If there are any traditional raffles in the room, GAZE TICKET will show all raffle tickets at once (as if using LOOK TICKET individually on each raffle ticket).