Soft green studded leather brigandine

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


some soft green studded leather brigandine


The studded leather on this brigandine is made very soft by many years of fine care. The color is the shade of moss in the morning. There are tiny leaf-shaped steel studs on the center of the chest which take the form of a modwir tree.


No other details are known.


A mist clouds your eyes and soft voice embarks on a story, "The mist clears and you see before you a stand of great modwir trees. The day is breaking and the forest is uneasily quiet with no birds singing nor rustling of the leaves in the breeze. At the edge of the forest is a clearing with a thin layer of fog. No animals were stirring in the early morning on this day.”

A movement rustles at the edge of the forest. The light plays tricks though, and it is difficult to discern what the movement is. Within seconds a sylvankind sneaks out of the trees that were doing so much to hide him. He skirts the trees and brush, looking all around him.”

The sylvan suddenly stops in his tracks and listens intently. He hides behind the cover of a large bush when suddenly a large troop of orcs marches past his hiding place. After they continue on out of sight he stands and runs deeper into the forest on quick feet.”

The scout runs for a while, then stops and climbs a tree. He climbs onto the platform built into the trees and bolts for the center platform. There he finds the leader of the sylvan warriors. "Orcs, m'lord," he says, with no sign of being winded by the long run. "They passed just to the east of us."

"Gather the troops!" calls out the leader. Within minutes, a small sylvan army is preparing to go forth to battle. As the army climbs to ground level, each person moves into position and nearly blends in with the forest. Following the young scout, the army skirts the forest in a roundabout path towards the direction of the orcs."

"Soon the army finds the orcs, which were sitting and squabbling about something unintelligible. These same orcs had been through the area earlier in the month and had destroyed a stand of trees in their attempt to get to the sylvans now it was time for the sylvans to rid themselves of the orcs.

On a silent command from the leader, the warriors rush the orcs, slaughtering several before they could stand. The scout is told to stay behind, as he was young. Grumbling, he stands just inside the stand of trees, watching the fight continue. He decides that rather than just stand there, he would help out however he could. He starts firing arrows at the orcs from the trees whenever he could get a good shot.

As the battle ends, the victorious sylvans collect what they can from the dead orcs, gather their wounded and walk back to their treetop homes. As they settle and start discussing the day's events, the warrior leader asks the scout to come forward. As the young scout reaches the leader, he presents him with a new set of armor. The leader then presents the new warrior scout to the rest of the sylvan army.”