Solhaven Chandler's Shop

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Solhaven Chandler's Shop is the general store in Solhaven. It is located in North Market South.

[Solhaven Chandler's Shop]
This sprawling shop is piled to the rafters with useful items. Dust-covered bolts of sailcloth line one wall, and backpacks hang in rows from ceiling hooks, dangling just overhead. A dusty counter runs the length of the room, piled high with various dry goods. A heavyset half-Elven woman lounges behind the counter. You also see the clerk Eynola and a wooden sign.


Welcome to The Chandler's Shop!

The clerk Eynola offers her catalog to browse.
Eynola exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a cotton backpack     16. a mail belt pouch
  2. a cotton knapsack     17. a mail herb pouch
  3. a cotton haversack    18. a small mail sack
  4. a cotton satchel      19. a large mail sack
  5. a cotton pouch        20. a mail sheath
  6. a cotton belt pouch   21. an oilcloth backpack
  7. a cotton herb pouch   22. an oilcloth knapsack
  8. a small cotton sack   23. an oilcloth haversack
  9. a large cotton sack   24. an oilcloth satchel
  10. a cotton sheath      25. an oilcloth pouch
  11. a mail backpack      26. an oilcloth belt pouch
  12. a mail knapsack      27. an oilcloth herb pouch
  13. a mail haversack     28. a small oilcloth sack
  14. a mail satchel       29. a large oilcloth sack
  15. a mail pouch         30. an oilcloth sheath


It looks as if both Eynola and her jam-stained gingham dress have seen years of wear.  She has a wide smile, bright engaging eyes, and a friendly manner as she bustles around the shop.

Eynola absentmindedly wipes her jam-stained hands on her dress as she reaches to open a crate of supplies.