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Soliere Firensia
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Weakling Cleric Lass
Race Sylvankind
Culture Wolven
Class Cleric
Profession Soubrette
Religion Lumnis and Fash'lo'nae
Affiliation(s) Silvergate, Voln, Guild
In-a-Word Hooligan
Disposition Bored, Adventurous
Demeanor Pleasant, Friendly
Primary Trait Predictably Unpredictable
Secondary Trait Internally Anxious, Panicky
Flaw Hot Temper with Those Closest
Greatest Strength Loyalty, Good Intentions
Greatest Weakness Alcoholism, Lack of Wisdom
Habits Barefoot, Fashionably Late
Hobbies Foraging, Helping Folks
Soft Spots Dead Folks
Likes Black Demon Rum, Teacakes
Dislikes Socialization
Fears None
Loyalties Clan, Enegue, Voln
Best Friend Many
Spouse Killed and Buried Both
Loved One Yes
Children Many

You See Soliere

You see Soubrette Soliere Firensia, a sylvankind female. She appears to be very young. She has blue eyes and pale skin. She has long, straight sandy blonde hair pinned back on one side with a tri-petaled snowy white trillium. She is wearing a tiny waist-length cape, a smooth leather bodysuit tooled with golden roses, a russet suede-covered case with a bronze clasp, a simple blued steel wristchain, and an engagement band.

About Soliere Firensia

Soliere is a lifelong cleric of Lumnis and Fash'lo'nae and member of the Order of Voln. She was born in the wilds near Icemule Trace and raised up in Icemule. In Wehnimer's Landing, she holds the office of Soubrette of Silvergate Inn and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Golden Rose Spa. She owns a shack in Shanty Town in the southeast of Wehnimer's Landing. She is a citizen of Icemule Trace and runs a shop there, a little boutique in the southwest part of town.

Soliere's Relatives

The Hooligan Clan of Icemule Trace (non-spousal significant others are Honorary Hooligans):

Maternal Grandparents: Magierrah (Granmum) and Duoncon (Granpop)

Parents: Redowyn (Mum) and Hemdell (Pop), Uncles: Roelon (Unca Roe) and Schnuffy (Unca Schnuff), Cousins: Cyar and Belnia

Siblings: Luniere (Lunie), Aeriere (Aerie), Abriere (Abrie), Wyndiere (Wyndie), Ascaria (Scarey), Bloodiere (Bloo), and many others, almost all adoptees

Significant Others: Jaalmar, Aidelias (Aide), Evanderin (Evan), Cirell, Pukk, Citan, and Polveiss

Children: Aidelais, Mirabor (Mira), Egregia (Eggie), Terabor, Tarlow (Tar) who married our dear Dazee, Kotin who married our dear Rioja, Minniemae, Zaloranch, and others as yet unclaimed

Grandchildren: Essyreme

Soliere's Friendships

Soliere considers every new person she meets to be a potential future friend. After doing that for many years, she has made a lot of good friends along the way, too many to list. There are, however, some notable letters from prison from her friend Hlendril.