Solstice Dreams - Foehn's Promise

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Solstice Dreams - The return of Foehn's Promise returned to the lands on the 9th of Eorgaen 5105 (December 2005) for an exclusive auction and raffle event. The event was marked by the announcement:

Lord Meaghrim Alsairath, the captain of the Foehn's Promise, and his crew have completely renovated the airship since its last visit to include several first class amenities, and have also hired some of Ta'Loenthra's best artists and masons to redecorate her. The main deck plays host to festive décor and activities, including music, appetizers, and warm drinks, as well as merchant services from qualified elven crew members.

The event held some 250 items.

Foehn's Promise visited the lands prior, in the year 5100 (2000) and those records can be found here. Foehn's Promise also made an appearance during the first Hunt for History event in 5103 (2003).

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