Staggering Blow

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Staggering Blow
Available To Warriors
Mnemonic [SBLOW]
Cost 25
Roundtime same as ATTACK
Requirements Mighty Blow (at rank 2)
Prerequisites Cannot be used with small
weapons or closed fist
attacks. Cannot be used
with two weapon combat.
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10

Staggering Blow is a combat maneuver that allows one to swing at an opponent and attempt to knock them off balance. The opponent suffers roundtime based on the degree of damage done by the blow.

There is a chance for the opponent to be knocked into an adjacent room if the attacker is strong enough. This effect requires a Strength bonus of 15 or greater.


>cman sblow Person
You swing a claidhmore at Person!
AS: +XXX vs DS: +143 with AvD: +47 + d100 roll: +10 = +XXX
   ... and hit for 34 points of damage!
  Slash to Person's chest!
  Breathe deep, it'll feel better in a minute.
He is stunned!
Person is knocked slightly off balance by the force of your blow!
Roundtime: 8 sec.
>cman sbl
You swing a perfect rolaren mattock at a minotaur warrior!
AS: +475 vs DS: +239 with AvD: +41 + d100 roll: +69 = +346
   ... and hit for 171 points of damage!
  Blow cracks a rib and punctures a lung.
  Breathing becomes a challenge.
The warrior is picked up by the force of your blow and hurled west!
Roundtime: 5 sec.