Standard negative duration formula

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The standard negative duration formula is a formula introduced during the 2023 Spell Disabler Review to calculate the duration of disabling or otherwise negative effects on targets.

With this formula, the minimum duration of a negative effect is 10 seconds, increased by endroll.

Warding and SMR spells/abilities use (10 + ((end result - 100) / 5) * (1 against characters or 2 against creatures)) to determine the duration. e.g. a 140 end result would be (10 + (140 - 100) / 5)) = 18 seconds against a character and 36 seconds against a creature.

The maximum duration for such an ability is 30 seconds against a player or 60 seconds against a creature (reached at 200 endroll).

Note that this duration can be further reduced by training in Survival and/or with Kroderine Soul.