Starletdawn (prime)

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Starletdawn Rahaeríth
Race Sylvankind
Hometown The Yuriquen
Profession Celestial Witch
Mistress of Demons
Religion Lumnis, Imaera
Affiliation(s) Moonstone Abbey
Order of Voln
Society for Demon Enlightenment
Disposition Inquisitive, Open-minded
Greatest Strength Heart, Sincerity
Greatest Weakness Passionate temper
Poor memory
Hobbies Astronomy, Astrology, Lapidary Medicine, Learning
Soft Spots Demons, Foxes
Sylvankind rangers
Likes Balance, Libraries
Rare gems, Exploring
Dislikes Deceit, Scarabs Discrimination
Fears Severe cleithrophobia
Never returning home


You see Lady Starletdawn Rahaeríth the Witch.
She appears to be a Sylvankind.
She is taller than average and has an hourglass figure.  She appears to be very young.  She has luminous violet eyes and fair skin.  She has waist-length, golden coppery red hair falling in a glossy cascade down her back.  She has a delicate face, a thin nose and full, rose-red lips.  She has small, finely-pointed ears peeking up through her hair.  A tiny-floreted strand of Imaera's Lace is wrapped around her wrist.
She has an inked trail of delicate silvery-gold stars encircling the skin on her ankle.

She is wearing a labyrinthine faenor ferroniere dangling a teardrop of black amber, a shadowy black star-covered cloak, moon-filled veil iron pendant, a burnished silver and ebon locket, a small stone oculoth on a chain, a ribbon-laced ebon leather corset with oblivion quartz spikes tracing the hipline, an indigo glaesine orb, a black diamond band cradling a simple vaalin ring, a fitted onyx leather skirt side-split to reveal a layer of lace, and some obsidian star-pierced leather thigh-boots.