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The steelhorn is a type of rolton which is raised for its hide, wool, and milk.

The steelhorn originated on the windswept volcanic island of Glaoveln, off the southwestern coast of Icemule Trace. They are surly and aggressive by nature and have never been seen in significant numbers on Elanith, though half-krolvin enclaves have successfully domesticated them on several independent islands. Their wool is scratchy and coarse, making it largely useless for the crafting of garment textiles, but the krolvin have used it in the making of sailcloth when better alternatives are unavailable. Though steelhorn meat is sparse and stringy on account of their light diets, krolvin prepare a raw dish called kanapazh that involves curing the meat in cider vinegar and then seasoning it with heavily spiced vodka. The mineral content of their typical grazing land results in the species possessing dark, strong horns with similar color to forged steel. As a result, many krolvin and half-krolvin make use of steelhorn for handles, hafts, hilts, and ornamentation when crafting weapons or other tools.

The steelhorn's pelt is used as is, as a hide, or tanned as leather.

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