Isle of Glaoveln

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The Isle of Glaoveln is one of the home islands of the Krolvin. It is a Krolvin settlement northwest of Wehnimer's Landing.

Glaoveln is located in the arctic region of Elanthia, west of Pinefar. It is visible from as far south as Wehnimer's Landing, however. It is mainly a cold and desolate location ringed with rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. Pine forests covers parts of the island not cleared for habitation. The main and only city on Glaoveln is the city of Glaeve, which serves as a center for trade and commerce between the Krolvin. The population of Glaoveln is divided mainly between Krolvin, the majority, and slaves of various races, including Half-Krolvin, the minority.

Half-Krolvin - edit
Famous Half-Krolvin: