Windfellow's Retreat Festival 2019

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Windfellow's Retreat


With a word, the slight figure strode across the rope bridge, the mists rushing in to conceal what he left behind. The figure did not look back, though his steps were uncertain. He paused for a long moment, wavering on the edge of his resolve, then continued forward once more.

The eyes watched from a large tower, unhindered by the mist, as the figure strode out of sight. The creatures turned silently to each other, their grins wide, then without a word, began their work. Within twenty four hours the keep had been transformed. The courtyard was clean, the tower scrubbed, and the dungeon freshly flooded. All was in preparation for the arrivals, though the missives were behind schedule.

The old one squinted down at the parchment underneath its claws, a quill awkwardly clutched in its other hand. Ink splattered the scribe, his workspace, and the room itself, but he was certain he'd gotten it mostly right. With a growl and a gesture, the parchment rose from the desk in a sullen cloud of red sparks, then glided out the window. When the letter reached the mist, it split once, then again, and yet again, multiplying relentlessly, with each new copy heading in a different direction.

The tired merchant stretched, his gear packed, and looked around forlornly. The take hadn't been particularly good, but that was the way it went sometimes. A parchment came fluttering out of the air and plastered itself to his bushy face. With a sneer of annoyance, the merchant snatched the document and prepared to hurl it away, when he noticed the writing. Curious, he began to read:

The DREAD LORD invites you to come and sell things, and do work, at his mighty Keep! Bring lots of things, and your bestest things, too. Best festival EVER!

Muddled across the bottom were a series of dates that the merchant could just barely make out. He snorted to himself, then looked around at his wares and nodded slowly. He carefully stowed the parchment in a pocket and began to lay plans.

OOC: All are invited to Windfellow's Retreat! This year's Premium Festival will be an all-new venue, with new merchants, and a unique storyline. Running dates are scheduled for August 23rd-August 30th, in both Platinum and Prime. The grounds will be located off the coast of Four Winds Isle, and more details will be forthcoming. But for now, mark your calendars!

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Dodger of Shoes


Follow the keeps gargoyles as they entertain their guests, search for a lady for their master, and await the return of their beloved Dread Lord!

Windfellow's Retreat Storyline

Rudimentary Synopsis: He returned, got drunk a lot, and ended up attempting to woo his childhood friend the Lady Mareille.


Windfellow's Retreat


Windfellow's Retreat Shops


Windfellow's Retreat Raffles


Shenanigans on the last night of the Festival took place at the Scuttlebug Tavern in Mist Harbor. There were a variety of methods of selections as Wyrom reached into his bag of goodies and sold, auctioned, spun, or reverse auctioned what he found. The TownCrier kept track of the amazing things sold that night in this spreadsheet.