Stoneharrow Swale

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Stoneharrow Swale is an area located between Solhaven and Wehnimer's Landing.

There is evidence that the Swale used to be a Giantkin royal city. A regal-looking giantman bust wearing a crown can be found within the dwarven caverns beneath Tor Aganrahk. The bust possessed the name, Telimnar.

Travel guide tidbit

The guide says, "I heard the whole Swale used to be part of that old giantman kingdom. That old stone wall might be part of it, though if we follow the path through those columns we'll see more. We'll be passing through the black marshes of Stoneharrow Swale, then over Zortahg's Spine. We should just follow the roadway for now."

The guide says, "There are still giantmen that live around here, though they're mostly nomadic and their encampments move often. Let's head down that ramp."