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To kick off 2019, GM Lydil proposed a real-world art contest. The submitted artwork was required to portray a key scene, figure, or object from any past or present storyline in Gemstone IV, with the medium to be decided by the artist, including paintings & drawings (both digital and physical), sculptures, papercraft, metalworking, and more.

The deadline is Thursday, 28 February 2019.


GM Lydil announced there would be one 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners. The 1st place winner would be able to select one from the first list and one from the second list, while the second place winner would be able to select two from the second list, and the third place winner one from the second list.

The first prize list has been announced as:

  • A Custom Signature Verb
  • A Custom Swear
  • A Custom Title
  • A Custom Spell Prep

The second prize list has been announced as:

  • A General Alteration of a Single Item
  • Lightening or Deepening a Single Item
  • A Single Feature Alteration
  • A Custom Tattoo
  • 100,000 Silvers Worth of Weighting, Padding, or Sighting (the 100,000 silvers may be used toward a discount of one, and only one, partial service)
  • An RPA Award

All pieces will be judged and voted on by staff to determine the top three entries of this contest.

How To Enter

All entries will need to be sent to and use the following format:

Email Subject: Gemstone Storyline Art Contest

Your Character Name:
Your Account Name:

Title of Piece:
Description of What the Artwork Depicts:

Note: multiple entries are allowed for this contest, however a player is only eligible to claim one prize slot.


Title of Piece: Mother in Shanty Town by Regwen Maritin

Description of Piece: A scene from the landing storyline: Motherhood and Brotherhood . The stage is set:

No bright lamps light the unpaved road here, and the layer of mud that passes for streets in Shanty Town is treacherous and slippery with seepage from the nearby river. A few sorry shacks stand cluttered together in this southeast corner, their doors and windows dark with tattered and drawn curtains, holding untold tales of suffering or malice. You also see some scrawny children, some disheveled townspeople and a rock-lined path that leads past one of the shacks.

Mother is seen as: a tall figure garbed in a billowy dark cloak with a deep hood that only partially reveals a featureless black mask etched with blood red sigils. The figure wears little else adornment, save for the gleam of a brilliant red soulstone ring upon one of her slender gloved hands. Mother softly says, "Mother. You may call me Mother.

Mother in Shanty Town
Mother in Shanty Town.png

Title of Piece: Grishom Stone's Offer by Tolida

Description of Piece: This crocheted piece (except for the yarn pom-pom and plastic attachment) depicts Grishom Stone with his blood red orb as he speaks with the residents of the Landing. (

Grishom Stone's Offer
Grishom Stone's Offer.jpeg

Title of Piece: Morvule by Divone Felcroth

Description of Piece: Morvule caused quite a bit of trouble in Griffin Sword Saga. This piece is him doing what he does best, summon the dead to aid him.


Title of Piece: Food Fight by Darksin

Description of Piece: The Night The Turkey day Feast fights back! The picture is a scene of a warrior loosing to a Mighty turkey Zapping the life from him while the pumpkins and sweet potatoes wait for the leftovers.

Food Fight
Food Fight.jpg

Title of Piece: Grishom Stone and the Star of Khar’ta by Stormyrain

Description of Piece: Ghrisom Stone with the Star of Khar'ta from the epilogue of Eyes of the Dawn:

Then, stepping down from his ghastly seat, the blue-eyed man stopped before the pillar of blood and darkness. With a slight gesture, the green orb floated over to the shadowy pedestal and landing, as if lowering down into a bowl. The blue-eyed man uttered an archaic phrase, his words sounding more metallic than human. From out of the dark pillar came a white mist, which soon covered the green orb in a pale, hazy film. The man visibly held his breath, and with one hand, grasped the orb, pushing it down into the rising blood and shadow, submerging it.

The blue-eyed man stood silent in anticipation, his gaze once or twice going to the collection of bodies tossed about the hall. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours. After what felt like an eternity, the man pulled both his hand and orb out of the shadows, his grin growing impossibly wider than before.

The blue-eyed man stepped back, comfortably returning to his grisly throne.

Gone was the green shade of the orb, replaced now by the deep red shade of blood.

The red orb floated towards him, and on command, lowered into his waiting palm.

Grishom Stone smiled.

Grishom Stone
Grishom Stone.jpg

Third Place

Title of Piece: Arrival of the Confluence by Naamit

Description of Piece: The painting depicts the arrival of the Elemental Confluence in 5115 near Solhaven, as points of planar instability tore through the fabric of reality.

Arrival of the Confluence
Arrival of the Confluence.jpg

Second Place

Title of Piece: Walkar's Waraxe by Bayli

Description of Piece: The Waraxe of Mayor/Abomination Walkar from "Cross into Shadows"

3' long,1.5' axe head, 40lbs Made with all recycled metals, forging, plasma cutting, and welding. Leather & waxed twine wrapped grip

Walkar's Axe 1
Walkar Axe1.jpg
Walkar's Axe 2
Walkar Axe2.jpg
Walkar's Axe 3
Walkar Axe3.jpg

First Place

Title of Piece: Morvule's Kraken by Gavrien

Description of Piece: In Fashanos of 5105, adventurers led by the Prophet Ulstram tracked down a beastly experiment belonging to Morvule, one of the Dark Alliance priests and a principal antagonist of the Second Griffin Sword War. He had captured an adult kraken and planned to make from it a host of necromantic horrors to infest the waters surrounding Solhaven. The creature was ultimately defeated and this plan foiled. It is depicted here within the watery cavern of its hideaway, enraged but not yet engaged.

Mixed media; patinated copper and alcohol ink on 6" x 6" textured clay board, with digital painting elements.

Morvule's Kraken
Morvule's Kraken.png

Title of Piece: Dismounted at Mestanir by Bristenn

Description of Piece: The Vornavian charge at the Battle of Mestanir during the War of Shadows

Dismounted at Mestanir
Dismounted at Mestanir.jpg