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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender male
Race human
Status Alive
Alias/Title a coin-wielding rotund broker


Dressed in an odd combination of robes and a waistcoat, the well-fed gentleman stands at a middling height, his hands in a constant state of engagement as he fidgets with a variety of items.  Thin clumps of peppered hair drape over the curve of his shiny pate, leaving the unruly strands to tangle over the broker's wooden monocle.


  • The rotund broker pulls out a handful of coins from his pocket and casually begins to stack them upon his palm, clacking the silvers together before scooping them back into his container with a shrug.
  • The rotund broker fiddles with a heavy bag tied securely to his hip, adjusting and readjusting the container with an unsatisfied scowl. The bag jingles with each repositioning, the sound of clinking almost jarring before the broker releases his grip, leaving it to fall back against his canvas robes.
  • A coin-wielding rotund broker retrieves a ragged journal from his pocket, pulling a quill from its folds. He gazes up at his surroundings, nodding slightly, then begins to sketch and annotate upon the faded vellum, stowing away his equipment with an additional nod to no one in particular.
  • A small lanky boy rushes into the area, stopping directly in front of the rotund broker. The broker smiles warmly at the boy as he pretends to pull a silver coin from behind the boy's freckled ears, the boy squealing in delight as he turns around and runs off again, a pudgy stuffed otter firmly gripped in his hands.