Suit of jet black casting leathers

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a suit of jet black casting leathers


No markings, symbols, runes, or other decorations mar the simplicity of the leathers. They seem all of one piece and are subtly shaped to show off the wearer's physique. The forearms are made to fit snugly, while triangular wrist-guards protect the hands from injury. The leathers only extend to the waist, leaving the legs free to move. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.


This item has been said to have belonged to a Dhe'nar mage and date to the burning of Sharath.


Small columns of people make their way, ant-like, from a grey jungle towards a raw and jagged-looking mountain. Their passage kicks up streams of grey dust behind them and before them lie charred ruins, the remains of some great city. The mountain thrusts up in the very center of the ruins and from their midst, a faint trail of smoke winds its way up into the heavens.

A group of dark elves stand within a roofless hall. The walls are barely more than suggestions, huge chunks of them destroyed by some terrible force. Around their feet swirl clouds of ash, settling in ankle-deep drifts. Several wear the thick plate of warriors, others wear dark robes, and the rest are garbed in lightweight, form-fitting leathers. One of the warriors uncorks a waterskin and drinks, spitting out a mouthful of bitter-tasting ash.

A dark elf in robes speaks to the others in a low voice. "We have conducted a census. Nine out of every ten were in the city at the time and perished. The priests and those who followed them are gone. The storehouses have been destroyed and if we find more than a handful of artifacts in the ruins, I will be surprised." She pauses and then continues, "We cannot survive long if we squat in what remains here." One of the leather-clad mages nods at her. "The scouts have discovered a network of caves within this great mountain. If we move into there for the time being, we can rebuild the city."

Another mage speaks up, a note of worry in his voice. "We've lost everything. We will be lucky to even hold onto our homeland when word of this disaster travels." The mage to his right, silent until now, sneers at the speaker. "We've lost the weak and those who have fallen from the Way. The fire burned us clean of the impurities and we shall become stronger for it. Whatever is necessary shall be done. We are the Dhe'nar."