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Rumor Woods provides death messaging customization options which can be located in the east room of Thurgine Hall. This hall can be found by traveling to the North Ellipse then going southeast and down the path (Lich #28154). Options are ORDERed by number.

All death messaging is on the Player Customization System. This system allows you to store multiple customizations for a given type (spell, death, etc). Total, you can have no more than 150 customizations in this system. For a full list of spells/types currently on this system, visit Player Customization System.

Death Messaging

# Description
#525 Looks like time's run out for {Character}.
#526 If {Character} could turn back time, she would find a way to die again.
#527 {Character} forgot how important it is to keep the blood inside her body.
#528 Quick! Someone loot {Character} before she decays!
#529 Sigh. {Character} died again.
#530 {Character} found the cure for insomnia.
#531 Why does {Character} even have that lever?
#532 Narrator: {Character}, in fact, could not handle it.
#533 {Character} is either being melodramatic or she's dead.
#534 {Character} has been smashed beneath a pile of her own books. Reading is dangerous!
#535 {Character} has fallen... again! Quick, find the body before the toadstools take over!
#536 Looks like {Character} fought the sea, and the sea won!
#537 Does {Character} not know to stay on the mount when jousting? Trampled again!
#538 Looks like {Character} just lost a bet with the Arkati again. Hope Lorminstra's in a good mood!
#539 *CRASH* *CLANG* Sounds like {Character} has been squished!
#540 Unlike finely forged steel, {Character} still needs a bit of tempering.
#541 How does one drown in a pot of tea? Ask {Character}; she knows!