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This page provides information on Rumor Woods signature verb options which are ordered by number in Ostwicke Hall, Auditorium.

For the purpose of messaging display, YOU and the SERVICE LIST are targets. Also, the word in [brackets] is the access word for that signature verb, and "T" means it is a targeted version (object-O or character-C). NOTE: While objects and players can currently be targeted by signature verbs, NPCs (such as creatures) cannot!

You can only have one of any name (activation), so if you already have a signature verb titled "kick", you must RENAME the old one first. Just ASK ATTENDANT ABOUT RENAME. You can rename any of your current signature verbs.

# Activation Targeted? Description
#269 [earscratch] N
  • 1P: Appeasing a deep itch, you jam your pinky finger into your ear and wiggle it around, your eyes rolling with satisfaction.
  • 3P:
#270 [clockwork] N
  • 1P: You reach behind your neck and wind an invisible key. With jerky motions, you alternatingly jolt your forearms up and down as your head turns stiltedly, doing your best impression of a clockwork {race}.
  • 3P:
#271 [clickheels] N
  • 1P: Gleefully leaping into the air, you click your heels together once.
  • 3P:
#272 [distracted] N
  • 1P: Gazing distractedly into the distance, you lightly trace the back of one finger along your jawline.
  • 3P:
#273 [elsewhere] N
  • 1P: Thoughts elsewhere, you absently trace the thin scar pattern on your thumb with your index finger.
  • 3P:
#274 [suppressed] N
  • 1P: Jaw clenched and upper lip quirked, you smirk as you watch your surroundings, a barely suppressed disdain for everyone boiling just beneath the surface.
  • 3P:
#275 [answers] N
  • 1P: Filled with exasperation, you slowly exhale and gaze skyward, realizing as you do that the answers will obviously not be there, and subtly shake your head.
  • 3P:
#276 [question (T)] Y-C
  • 1P: Gazing at {Character}, you quirk your eyebrow in a questioning manner.
  • 3P:
#277 [back-stretch] N
  • 1P: You roll your shoulders, craning your neck first right and then left in an attempt to stretch out the muscles of your neck and back.
  • 3P:
#278 [frustration (T)] Y-C
  • 1P: Overcome with frustration, you stare at {Character} as your fingers curl into talons. You take an almost involuntary step forward, your hands raised as if you might strangle her, but at the last-minute throw your arms in the air and turn around.
  • 3P:
#279 [ear-toy] N
  • 1P: Gazing blankly ahead, you toy with your earlobe, allowing your mind to wander.
  • 3P:
#280 [exasperation] N
  • 1P: Closing your eyes, you gently massage the eyelid of your right eye with one finger, attempting to let the exasperation welling inside you slip away.
  • 3P:
#281 [bury] N
  • 1P: You bury your face in your hands, hooking your thumbs against your jawbone and stretching your fingers across your eyes to shield them from sight.
  • 3P:
#282 [shame (T)] Y-C
  • 1P: Clucking your tongue, you give {Character} a disappointed look as you shake your head. Using both index fingers, you rub one down the length of the other.
  • 3P:
#283 [awkward (T)] Y-C
  • 1P: Wincing, you glance at {Character} and subtly make a sawing gesture by rubbing the index finger of your left hand against the knuckle of your opposite hand's index finger. There may be some friction in the air!
  • 3P:
#284 [stifle-laugh] N
  • 1P: You try hard to stifle a laugh and cover your failure with a loud clearing of your throat.
  • 3P:
#285 [skeptic] N
  • 1P: Feeling mildly skeptical about the current commentary, you wipe all emotion from your countenance and mouth, "Yeah, right."
  • 3P:
#286 [calmdown (T)] Y-C
  • 1P: With a slight grimace, you raise your hand at {Character}, palm down, and push slowly toward the ground with a mild pumping motion.
  • 3P:
#287 [shy (T)] Y-C
  • 1P: You cast a wistful sidelong glance at {Character}, before quickly looking away before she can catch your gaze.
  • 3P:
  • As of April 19th, 2024 there are 19 items in the table (which match 19 options in-game)