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The signature verb allows for further customization of a character. Available through contests, raffles, auctions, and other limited release events, a player is able to request a unique verb for their character. This is a delayed service and is subject to QC and approval from a GameMaster.

Premade verbs accessed via SIGNATURE are available at events such as Ebon Gate and Summit Academy. A character may have up to 50 different signature verbs.

Some examples of premade signature verbs include those founds at: Ebon Gate 2016, prizes for GHOUL in 2018 and 2019, the Summit Expression Faire, and Return to Summit Academy.


SIGNATURE {option} {target if required}

{option} - one of the signature options available to your character
{target} - target object or player's name, if the option allows for a target

Using the SIGNATURE verb alone will indicate if that particular character has a signature verb.

A single verb cannot be both self targeted and targeted toward others.


Signature verbs are essentially extremely flexible ACTs unique to a given character in that they omit the ( )s normally attached to an ACT. This permits a GM to craft a totally personalized "verb" for you. Remember, though, that signature verbs should not force another character to appear to do something nor should they allow a character to appear to do things that are impossible via the normal magic and physics of GemStone.

In essence, a signature verb must make sense for anything that a player can do with ACT. This means that if you wish for lightning to bolt out of your fingertips via a signature verb, that will not fly, since this is something that does not really make sense with ACT, but is instead in the realm of spells that certain professions cast. There is a fuzzy line when it comes to magic and signature verbs, and one must always remember that these are meant for normal actions within Elanthia -- not for actions that are not normally possible. Also, a signature verb is not intended to replace SAY, nor is it intended to create situations (whether props, people, or critters) that fall outside of what you, by yourself, can do with an action.

The signature verb, when chosen, can be a) an existing verb; or b) a verb that does not exist. This will not affect the way that your existing verbs work in any way at all. The signature verb simply creates an *extra* option for the verb.

You will need to decide whether you want the verb to act:

1) with no target (ie. not directed at a person or item)

2) directed at another character

3) directed at an item/object

Keeping those in mind, let me give you a few examples of signature verbs that would pass through QC without any issues:

Using SIGNATURE WHISTLE (this one is set to be directed at an item/object)

3rd person: Quilic raises his head and lets out a piercing whistle aimed at (object target).

1st person: You raise your head and let out a piercing whistle aimed in (object target)'s direction.

Using SIGNATURE EXAMINE (this one is set to be directed at another character)

3rd person: Quilic stands unusually close to (target), examining (his/her) face.

target's pov: Quilic stands unusually close to you, clearly examining your face.

1st person: You stand unusually close to (target), carefully examining (his/her) face to look for signs of emotion.

Using SIGNATURE BOW (this one is set with no target)

3rd person: Quilic bows respectfully, the motion accentuating his short stature.

1st person: You bow respectfully, taking note of just how close the ground is while in this position.

So now you need to decide on a verb, what it's aimed at (if anything), and what you want the messaging to be like!


Note: These are all examples of people's current signature verbs. They are listed for reference when building your own verb; please do not copy them.

>signature ponder person
After pondering for a moment, you give Person a friendly smile and a hearty thumbs up!
>signature fall
You feign death in a dramatic fashion, breathing laboriously and struggling with yourself to stay upright. You clutch your hands to your chest and cry out in pain, falling with heavy thud! You make yourself convulse and gurgle a bit, and then you force your body to still entirely. After a moment, you peek out of your right eye. With a sly grin, you return to your original position.
>signature beg person
You briskly rub your thumb against your forefinger in an expectant gesture toward Person.
>signature ponder
You reach up and begin to stroke the braids of your goatee, contemplating the situation. After a few moments, you slowly nod your head and give a sly grin, exposing a scattering of gold teeth.
>signature examine
You begin to pat yourself down, looking for whatever you think you misplaced. You let out a long sigh of relief, giving a broad grin that exposes a mouthful of gold teeth.
>signature wink person
You flash a sly grin and wink at Person, exposing a scattering of gold teeth.