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The Manse is an annex for House Sylvanfair, one of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia. It is located in the Oak Grove, off the Sylvarraend Road (lich ID #10091) inTa'Illistim.

Oak Grove, Quiet Pool

A small outcropping of moss-covered grey stone allows a tiny stream to trickle down in a serene waterfall into a large, circular pool that breaks up the soft verdant hue of the forest with a deep, rippling blackness. Young trees grow along the edges and in between the gaps of the grey stone, their sparse, green boughs casting pale shadows across the surroundings. Faint slivers of luminescence alight in the pool from time to time, and the area holds a tranquil silence. You also see a wrought iron gate.

Sylvanfair, Cobbled Courtyard

High stone walls, covered in dark green ivy, surround a cobbled courtyard and conceal it from the forest without. Two benches sit on either side of a gated entrance, granting a view across a well-tended garden to the west and an orchard beyond. The air is filled with birdsong and rich with the smells of earth and leaf. The entire northeast corner is occupied by an oak-gabled grey stone manse with an imposing door that is flanked on either side by twisted lilac trees, creating a fragrant archway. You also see a heartwood donation box and a stack of shallow boxes containing freshly picked apples and plums.

The gentle coo of doves can be heard from the rooftop dovecote of the nearby manse.

Bees flit from blossom to blossom, buzzing softly as they look to harvest the abundant pollen from the lilac trees.

A gardener arrives, pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with tools. Wiping his brow with a grimy cotton kerchief, he remarks, "Always plenty to do at this time of year!" Tying the kerchief around his neck, the gardener strides off in the direction of the garden.

Benches ~ Bound together by wrought iron, the benches' back and seats are crafted of golden linden slats.  Mounted at the top of one bench is a silver-cast memorial plaque, shaped to resemble a feather, while its twin boasts a similar plaque, but shaped like a blooming rose.

In the Common language, it reads:
Celebrate life, love and friendship.
    ~ Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

In the Common language, it reads:
Sleep late, have fun, go wild, drink whiskey.
   ~ Corlyne Lancre

Garden ~ A lawn of lush, verdant grass borders a well-tended flower bed surmounted with a bronze sculpture of five elven figures.  Bold-colored hyacinths, tulips and geraniums sway in the gentle breeze, tempting the bees and butterflies with their sweet, heady fragrance.  A narrow gravel pathway wends its way through a pleasing display of clay pots and troughs filled with a variety of herbs to the orchard beyond, the tree branches laden with ripening fruit.

Sculpture ~ Cast in bronze, elven figures join hands in a ring, their lithe bodies leaning outwards to form a life-sized sculpture amid the array of colorful blooms.  With their heads tilted and eyes cast skyward, they each rest a foot on a shallow bowl filled to the brim with collected rainwater and smile benevolently at one another.

In the Common language, it reads:
Education, Honor, Mutual Respect.
House Sylvanfair Embraces All.

Trees ~ Hidden amid the over-arching branches filled with sprigs of silvery violet lilacs (GET RUB SMELL) is a set of carved wind chimes (RING).

Door (GO)

Sylvanfair, Guardian Hall

A display of ornate tapestries line the expanse of bare grey stone walls, rising from the tiled floor to the tie beam of the high vaulted ceiling. Although spacious and airy with tall mullioned windows, the room feels cozy due to the inglenook fireplace taking up most of the back wall and the large oaken table and benches running down the middle. In the far corner, shadowed by the overhanging gallery, stands a graceful harp and small stool, awaiting an adept to fill the hall with music and song. You also see a blue-grey slate tile blackboard, a polished dark heartwood chest, a pot-bellied cast iron stove with a willow green enamel kettle on it, a shallow willow basket and a door leading out.

A sylvan carrying a wicker basket of fresh linen wanders in. With a cursory glance in your direction, she heads towards one of the tapestries and disappears from sight.

A small tabby cat jumps from the bench seat near the fireplace and languorously stretches. Licking its paws, it sits for a moment gazing directly at you before resuming its spot and laying back down to sleep.

Tapestries ~ There are eleven wall hangings in total, each as impressive as the last with their rich color, strong design and variety of depicted themes.  Five are woven with the symbolic emblems of the Elven Houses and five are a series of verdure panels with an emphasis on a particular type of tree and foliage.  The main tapestry presents the image of a majestic tree in obsidian silk thread, its tangle of silvery limbs extending outward with flowing leaves and branches of emerald green.

Behind the ornate tapestries you see a narrow spiral staircase.

Staircase (GO) ~ Members only


Fireplace (unlit) ~ Bunches of fragrant herbs have been hung to dry from the oak lintel beneath which sits a basket filled with firewood.  A small recess adjoins the hearth and harbors a snug bench seat.  There doesn't seem to be enough room to sit down, however, as two small cats are currently curled up asleep on the cushion.

Basket (GET) ~ firewood

On the oaken table you see some fresh green tossed salad, a plump herb-stuffed mushroom, a loaf of basil-topped tomato bread, and a flute of mint-sprigged lemonade.

Bench (GO SIT)

Harp (TOUCH TINKER) ~ The silver-stringed harp has been crafted from the finest linden wood, its pale color and graceful lines in stark contrast to the darker rough-hewn oak of the surrounding furniture and overhead beams. Tiny vines are interwoven with delicate blossoms that decorate the curves of the instrument, creating intricate patterns.


Chest ~ trash receptacle

Stove ~ Set on four pine cone-shaped feet, the rotund little cast iron stove boasts oak leaf embellishments around the smooth top plate and base.  Brass acorn finials and handles add a whimsical finishing touch.  The grate on the cast iron stove is closed.

Kettle (GET) ~ Carved to mimic the trunk and drooping boughs of a majestic willow tree, the sturdy faewood handle provides a convenient means of supporting the kettle.  Bright green enameling adds a smooth and glossy sheen to its round body whilst delicate silvery white brushstrokes form a decorative tableau with glimpses of elusive sprites flitting amid lacy branches.  The addition of gold flecks around the base create the illusion of sunlight reflected on the surface of pellucid water.

In the willow basket you see a carafe of spring water, a match, an exceedingly dry split log, a handful of tinder and a garden-inked cream porcelain jar.

Jar ~ Square in shape, the smooth porcelain jar provides the perfect canvas for a verdant floral montage.  Each side is awash with color in shades of lavender, rose pink, and primrose yellow, reminiscent of a springtime garden in full bloom.  A thin green ribbon adorns the wide neck from which hangs a small parchment label.

In the Common language, it reads:
Sprite's Delight

 Instructions on how to brew coffee or tea

Sylvanfair, Solar

Bright sunlight floods the room through a tall mullioned window, illuminating the antique silk rug covering most of the tiled floor. Three grey stone walls, hung with pastoral murals, enclose the space beneath a high vaulted ceiling, while a curved linden balustrade overlooks the hall below. Tall cabinets filled with books and curios line one wall, in front of which sits a writing desk and a high-backed chair. Two sofas face each other across a low table set for entertaining. You also see a silvery grey haon door and a golden linden door.

The faint scent of oleander and pine drifts in through the open window, hinting at the forest beyond the surrounding wall.


Balustrade (PEER) ~ To watch the Guardian Hall below

Desk (lockable storage) ~ The desk has been positioned in such a way as to afford a perfect view of the garden below through the open window.  Apart from a small leather-bound diary and a swan feather quill in the glass inkwell, the surface is clutter free and polished to a mirror finish to enhance the natural grain of the pale linden wood.  One of the drawers is partially open, and a quick glance reveals some partially used wax sticks and several sheets of cream vellum.

On the desk you see a small leaf shaped pin.

Chair (GO SIT)

Sofas (GO SIT) ~ Positioned close enough for quiet conversation, the two sofas are upholstered in supple aniline hide, dyed a rich chestnut brown and buffed to a glossy sheen.  The seat cushions and armrests show signs of distress from years of wear-and-tear, but overall they are both in good condition and make a stylish and comfortable addition to the room.

On the low table you see a small wooden carton, a large glass fishbowl, a cucumber tea sandwich, a sticky strawberry jam tart, a glass of hot herbal tea, a cup of sweetened coffee and a gin-infused green tea cocktail.

Sylvanfair, Onyx Rose Chamber

Set against a backdrop of silk-printed screens and full-length mirrors is a curvilinear, onyx-marbled counter. Two velvet-padded chaise lounges, one black and one white, dominate the space, opposing each other on a rose-patterned rug. Sconces upon the grey stone walls house tiny silver-sided lanterns that provide the room's only illumination, bathing it in a moon-pale light.

Screen ~ Slim panels of hand-painted silk are framed in smoky grey haon and connected with discreet silver hinges to form a pair of screens.  When extended, each screen presents a scene of reposed or dancing elven silhouettes captured in black ink against an ivory-white background, their lithe forms accented with sepia shading as they cavort with one another.  Touches of scarlet hint at rose petals and lipgloss, while faint silvery brushstrokes suggest wisps of smoke.  A silvery grey haon door is concealed by the silk panels.

Mirrors (PEER)

Lounges (GO SIT) 

Counter ~ One end of the counter is taken up with your locker, but the other boasts a slender porcelain vase and a silver platter.

Vase ~ In the vase you see an elegant arrangement of roses.  Maybe you should GET one.

On the silver platter you see a tall glass of bacon-infused bourbon, a chilled fresh cucumber cocktail, a small cocoa-speckled vanilla truffle, a glazed hazelnut and milk chocolate truffle and a bottle of champagne.

Sylvanfair, Peacock Chamber

Golden linden beams span the light and airy chamber, dividing the painted ceiling into twelve distinct scenes. Draped in sapphire silk, a canopied feather bed is flanked by nightstands topped with pillar candles, while a nearby washstand houses a clear glass bowl and a neat pile of white cotton towels. Cushioned box seating sits beneath the open mullioned window, providing both storage and a means of viewing the garden and verdant forest beyond. You also see a golden linden door.

An errant breeze causes the drapes around the window to billow and brings with it a faint scent of lilac and thyme.

Ceiling ~ The ceiling's various painted elements form part of a larger scheme of artwork throughout the manse, which includes the murals in the solar and the tapestries adorning the walls of the hall below.  Central to the ceiling decoration are twelve progressive scenes, each representing a month in the Elanthian calendar and focussing on the flora and fauna of the season or the constellations in the night sky.

Bed ~ Sapphire silk falls in graceful pleats around the head of the bed, while violet and lavender coverlets lay upon a feathered mattress.  Plump pillows adorn the top and are sheathed in white.

On the feather bed you see some crisp white cotton sheets (PULL PUSH) and a plump pillow.

Bowl (TAP CLEAN TICKLE) ~ In the bowl, a handful of rose petals float on the surface of the clear water.


Seating (lockable storage) (GO SIT)