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The TATTOO verb allows monks of at least level 20 to apply either mundane stock tattoos or enhancive mystic tattoos.


    TATTOO INVENTORY                                     - Gives a list of tattoos on your person
    TATTOO MENU                                          - Gives a list of flash tattoos available
    TATTOO ACCEPT                                        - Accepts a pending offer to be tattooed
    TATTOO STATS                                         - Lists your tattooing stats
    TATTOO MUNDANE {player} {tattoo menu #} {location}   - Tattoos the target player
    TATTOO MYSTIC {player} {stat name} {tattoo}          - Turns target's tattoo into a mystic tattoo
    TATTOO MYSTIC [player]                               - Upgrades an existing mystic tattoo
    TATTOO CHARGE [player]                               - Recharges target player's mystic tattoo

If [player] is not specified, you are the assumed target.

TATTOO INVENTORY will show all tattoos on the character, their location, and whether they are visible or covered. Mystic tattoos, if present, will display both the current number of charges and the maximum for that tattoo (100 charges per tier).

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