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The TATTOO verb allows Monks of at least level 20 to apply either mundane or enhancive tattoos, the latter called "Mystic" tattoos.


    TATTOO INVENTORY                                     - Gives a list of tattoos on your person
    TATTOO MENU                                          - Gives a list of flash tattoos available
    TATTOO ACCEPT                                        - Accepts a pending offer to be tattooed
    TATTOO STATS                                         - Lists your tattooing stats
    TATTOO MUNDANE {player} {tattoo menu #} {location}   - Tattoos the target player
    TATTOO MYSTIC {player} {stat name} {tattoo}          - Turns target's tattoo into a mystic tattoo
    TATTOO MYSTIC [player]                               - Upgrades an existing mystic tattoo
    TATTOO CHARGE [player]                               - Recharges target player's mystic tattoo

If [player] is not specified, you are the assumed target.

Both a needle and ink are required to be in-hand, and are available for purchase from the town alchemist. Needles cost 2000 silver, and ink costs 50000 per dose. Ink may be combined, to a limit of 10 doses. The needle must be in the right hand when used.

TATTOO INVENTORY will show all tattoos on the character, their location, and whether they are visible or covered. Mystic tattoos, if present, will display both the current number of charges and the maximum for that tattoo (100 charges per tier).

Mystic Tattoos

A mystic tattoo can enhance only stats (not skills). A character may only have one mystic tattoo at a time. As the mundane tattoo becomes a non-crumbly enhancive, the only way to change from one stat enhancive to another is permanently removing the mystic tattoo; players should thus use caution getting a mystic tattoo applied to a custom tattoo. Note that the target mundane tattoo being worked on requires that it be:

  • visible on whatever body part it lies. For example, converting a tattoo on the chest will require that the target remove any armor, since that covers the chest.
  • referred to by noun. Most will be "tattoo", but some will not: #846 would be "blossom", and #856 would be "marks".

Converting a mundane tattoo to a Mystic tattoo requires the performing Monk to have gathered "Motes of Tranquility" through absorbing experience, in a manner similar to Wizards with Enchant (925), or Sorcerers with Ensorcell (735). There is a weekly limit of 50000 Motes, and an overall pool cap of having 200000 available at a time.

Applying the Mystic tattoo uses a two-step confirmation process, and expected chance of success is shown, so the performing Monk can choose not to make the attempt if there is a high risk of losing Motes to failure. A successful application requires the following:

Monk Level + 2*DEX bonus + 2*DIS bonus + Physical Fitness ranks*3/4 + First Aid ranks/2 + 2*spell ranks + Arcane Symbols ranks + Mental Mana Control/Spirit Mana Control ranks + Lore skill bonus - 100 * (circle of tattoo) + d100 > 100

Note: Transformation Lore for self tattooing and Telepathy Lore for tattooing others.

Mystic tattoos have 100 charges when applied, and are fully recharged when upgraded to a higher tier. Monks can also add charges at a cost of 1000 Motes per charge.

While the tattoo has charges, it provides a +1/tier to the target stat's Bonus, or net +2/tier to the target stat value. (A tier 5 Logic tattoo would provide +10 to the Logic stat, +5 to the Logic bonus.) This bonus must adhere to the same limitations of all Enhancive bonuses not gained through the Ascension system.

Each tier of the Mystic tattoo requires a greater number of Motes to apply, starting at 50000 for tier 1 and increasing by 25000 at each successive tier, or "25000 x (1+TargetTier)" cost in Motes. By design, it is expected that Monks will have reasonable success at applying tiers in steps of 20 levels, so a 20th level Monk may apply a tier 1 and a 100th level monk may apply a tier 5.

Each tier also requires a corresponding number of doses of ink, so the tier 5 application will need 5 doses of ink.

TATTOO STATS will show the performing Monk's number of mundane tattoos applied, and the sum total of Motes spent in successful uses (either application of new Mystic tiers or additional charges added to existing Mystic tattoos). Motes lost through unsuccessful tier applications are not tracked.

Available Designs

Page 1

List of flash tattoos available (Page 1):
1) a small black dagger tattoo
2) a small rosebud tattoo
3) a deep red rose tattoo
4) a black rose tattoo
5) a delicate daisy tattoo
6) a twining ivy tattoo
7) a poison ivy tattoo
8) a delicate lily tattoo
9) an oak tree tattoo
10) a howling wolf tattoo
11) a stalking wolf tattoo
12) a snarling bear tattoo
13) a rearing bear tattoo
14) a wolf paw tattoo
15) a bear paw tattoo
16) a cat paw tattoo
17) a stalking snowcat tattoo
18) a stalking panther tattoo
19) a stalking tiger tattoo
20) a stalking lion tattoo
21) a roaring lion tattoo
22) a sleeping kitten tattoo
23) a pouncing kitten tattoo
24) a mangy rat tattoo
25) a soaring hawk tattoo
26) a diving hawk tattoo
27) a soaring eagle tattoo
28) a diving eagle tattoo
29) a speckled frog tattoo
30) a rabid squirrel tattoo
31) a wolf head tattoo
32) a bear head tattoo
33) a lion head tattoo
34) a tiger head tattoo
35) a panther head tattoo
36) a roaring cyclops tattoo
37) a frothing troll king tattoo
38) a red fox tattoo
39) a skeletal lord tattoo
40) a charging bull tattoo
41) a crouching urgh tattoo
42) a charging urgh tattoo
43) a howling waern tattoo
44) a black waern tattoo
45) a red tsark tattoo
46) a red fire sprite tattoo
47) a snowcat head tattoo
48) a striped gak tattoo
49) a spotted gak tattoo
50) a caribou antler tattoo
51) a running cheetah tattoo
52) a cheetah head tattoo
53) a frozen mule tattoo
54) a green iguana tattoo
55) a tiny gecko tattoo
56) a soaring blue dragon tattoo
57) a soaring red dragon tattoo
58) a soaring black dragon tattoo
59) a soaring green dragon tattoo
60) a coiled blue dragon tattoo
61) a coiled red dragon tattoo
62) a coiled black dragon tattoo
63) a coiled green dragon tattoo
64) a sleeping blue dragon tattoo
65) a sleeping red dragon tattoo
66) a sleeping black dragon tattoo
67) a sleeping green dragon tattoo
68) a gazing cockatrice tattoo
69) an orcish horde tattoo
70) a troll king tattoo
71) a multicolored siren lizard tattoo
72) a leering hobgoblin tattoo
73) a regal gryphon tattoo
74) a massive titan tattoo
75) a sneering krolvin tattoo
76) a grinning gremlin tattoo
77) a crossed claidhmore tattoo
78) a crossed halberd tattoo
79) a crossed lance tattoo
80) a raised fist tattoo
81) a fearsome minotaur tattoo
82) a wavy bladed dagger tattoo
83) a thistle tattoo
84) a small black skull tattoo
85) a sovyn clove tattoo
86) a small lockpick tattoo
87) a tattooed symbol of Lorminstra
88) a tattooed symbol of Imaera
89) a tattooed symbol of Lumnis
90) a tattooed symbol of Koar
91) a tattooed symbol of Phoen
92) a tattooed symbol of Oleani
93) a tattooed symbol of Ronan
94) a tattooed symbol of Kai
95) a tattooed symbol of Charl
96) a tattooed symbol of Jastev
97) a tattooed symbol of Cholen
98) a tattooed symbol of Tonis
99) a tattooed symbol of Voln
100) a tattooed symbol of Eonak

Page 2

List of flash tattoos available (Page 2):
101) a tattooed symbol of Jaston
102) a tattooed symbol of Niima
103) a tattooed symbol of Kuon
104) a tattooed symbol of Tilamaire
105) a tattooed symbol of Leya
106) a tattooed symbol of Ivas
107) a tattooed symbol of Eorgina
108) a tattooed symbol of Andelas
109) a tattooed symbol of V'Tull
110) a tattooed symbol of Sheru
111) a tattooed symbol of Luukos
112) a tattooed symbol of Mularos
113) a tattooed symbol of Fash'lo'nae
114) a tattooed symbol of Marlu
115) a tattooed symbol of Onar
116) a tattooed symbol of Zelia
117) a tattooed symbol of Amasalen
118) a tattooed symbol of Arachne
119) a tattooed symbol of Laethe
120) a tattooed symbol of Voaris
121) an acantha leaf tattoo
122) a woth flower tattoo
123) a linden sapling tattoo
124) a tattooed symbol of Gosaena
125) a stalking mummy tattoo
126) a flaming blade tattoo
127) a crossed wands tattoo
128) a black widow tattoo
129) a tarantula tattoo
130) a dancing pixie tattoo
131) a smiling sprite tattoo
132) a blue iris tattoo
133) an open magical tome tattoo
134) a tiny red heart tattoo
135) a colorful jester tattoo
136) a colorful peacock tattoo
137) a leering black demon tattoo
138) an elaborate hourglass tattoo
139) a simple anchor tattoo
140) a black and white penguin tattoo
141) a cracked black heart tattoo
142) a sinuous nedum vereri tattoo
143) a delicate wild orchid tattoo
144) a delicate wild rose tattoo
145) a crescent moon tattoo
146) a quarter moon tattoo
147) a half moon tattoo
148) a sun and moon tattoo
149) a moon and stars tattoo
150) a hermit crab tattoo
151) a blue crab tattoo
152) a green trident tattoo
153) a winged angel tattoo
154) a black angel tattoo
155) a white angel tattoo
156) a firethorn shoot tattoo
157) a golden quarter note tattoo
158) an ice elemental tattoo
159) a fire elemental tattoo
160) a grinning gargoyle tattoo
161) a howling wind witch tattoo
162) a speckled trout tattoo
163) a rainbow trout tattoo
164) a green butterfly tattoo
165) a red butterfly tattoo
166) a blue butterfly tattoo
167) a yellow butterfly tattoo
168) a black butterfly tattoo
169) a white butterfly tattoo
170) a purple butterfly tattoo
171) a howling dirge tattoo
172) a crossed anchor tattoo
173) a blue star tattoo
174) a red star tattoo
175) a green star tattoo
176) a yellow star tattoo
177) a black star tattoo
178) a purple star tattoo
179) a white star tattoo
180) a tiny star tattoo
181) a lightning bolt tattoo
182) a shooting star tattoo
183) a golden sunburst tattoo
184) a red rosebud tattoo
185) a modwir tree tattoo
186) a yew tree tattoo
187) a willow tree tattoo
188) a flaming arrow tattoo
189) a red-scaled thrak tattoo
190) a skull and crossbones tattoo
191) a rising phoenix tattoo
192) a smiling monkey tattoo
193) a blue seahorse tattoo
194) a green seahorse tattoo
195) a winged heart tattoo
196) a quill pen tattoo
197) a flaming torch tattoo
198) a black chain tattoo
199) a red and black target tattoo
200) a coiled serpent tattoo

Page 3

List of flash tattoos available (Page 3):
201) a striking serpent tattoo
202) a black serpent tattoo
203) a green lizard tattoo
204) a black lizard tattoo
205) a flying raven tattoo
206) a burning flame tattoo
207) a skeleton key tattoo
208) a gruesome ghoul tattoo
209) a grinning ghoul tattoo
210) a spider web tattoo
211) an oak leaf tattoo
212) a nightmare steed tattoo
213) a grinning skull tattoo
214) a crossed bones tattoo
215) a black diamond tattoo
216) a rose garland tattoo
217) a leaping hound tattoo
218) a snarling hound tattoo
219) a fluffy rolton tattoo
220) a black scorpion tattoo
221) a red scorpion tattoo
222) a cute mouse tattoo
223) a grey mouse tattoo
224) a bumblebee tattoo
225) a golden crown tattoo
226) a brimming ale-mug tattoo
227) a raging warhorse tattoo
228) a black shield tattoo
229) a red shield tattoo
230) a fire salamander tattoo
231) a black salamander tattoo
232) a black mournbloom tattoo
233) a red flamestalk tattoo
234) a map of Elanthia tattoo
235) a dark chalice tattoo
236) a prancing unicorn tattoo
237) a black unicorn tattoo
238) an elegant unicorn tattoo
239) a sailing ship tattoo
240) a ship's wheel tattoo
241) a soaring gyrfalcon tattoo
242) a colorful pitohui tattoo
243) a prancing black centaur tattoo
244) a prancing red centaur tattoo
245) a rolling dice tattoo
246) a swimming fish tattoo
247) a dancing harlequin tattoo
248) a circular serpent tattoo
249) a scampering squirrel tattoo
250) a thorny rose tattoo
251) a graceful lily tattoo
252) a screaming banshee tattoo
253) a red diamond tattoo
254) a wide ash tree tattoo
255) a smiling dolphin tattoo
256) a breaching whale tattoo
257) a blue comet tattoo
258) a red mermaid tattoo
259) a green mermaid tattoo
260) a leaping fish tattoo
261) a fish skeleton tattoo
262) a dancing kobold tattoo
263) a growling guard dog tattoo
264) a frosted tart tattoo
265) a floppy-eared rabbit tattoo
266) a snarling wolf tattoo
267) a grinning aardvark tattoo
268) a golden lute tattoo
269) a silver lute tattoo
270) a golden crumhorn tattoo
271) a golden lyre tattoo
272) a golden harp tattoo
273) a silver harp tattoo
274) a fife and drum tattoo
275) a snarling puma tattoo
276) a soaring white dragon tattoo
277) a coiled white dragon tattoo
278) a sleeping white dragon tattoo
279) a rearing pooka tattoo
280) a sleeping gold dragon tattoo
281) a soaring gold dragon tattoo
282) a coiled gold dragon tattoo
283) a pouncing arctic fox tattoo
284) a peg-legged cat tattoo
285) a glorious sunrise tattoo
286) a grinning sea thrak tattoo
287) a wailing banshee tattoo
288) a grumpy billy goat tattoo
289) a colorful circus wagon tattoo
290) a colorful waving banner tattoo
291) a ring of daisies tattoo
292) a black hand tattoo
293) a clenched fist tattoo
294) a ring of mournblooms tattoo
295) a grinning crimson skull tattoo
296) a ring of red roses tattoo
297) a slobbering goblin face tattoo
298) a mithril Juggernaut tattoo
299) an erupting volcano tattoo
300) a Helden Hall tattoo

Page 4

List of flash tattoos available (Page 4):
301) a grinning kobold tattoo
302) a krolvin slave ship tattoo
303) a purple myklian tattoo
304) a green myklian tattoo
305) a dagger impaled tart tattoo
306) a crossed falchion tattoo
307) a dancing sprite tattoo
308) a bent fishhook tattoo
309) a snickering rat tattoo
310) a leafy turnip tattoo
311) a golden turnip tattoo
312) a farmer's plow tattoo
313) a forging hammer tattoo
314) a buzzing cinder wasp tattoo
315) a buzzing hornet tattoo
316) a dancing piper tattoo
317) a golden leaf tattoo
318) an ebon gate tattoo
319) a blue and ivory dagger tattoo
320) a golden key tattoo
321) a golden scroll tattoo
322) a sheaf of grain tattoo
323) a crimson and silver fist tattoo
324) a golden anvil tattoo
325) a green wisp of smoke tattoo
326) a yellow slitted eye tattoo
327) a black cat's head tattoo
328) a black jackal's head tattoo
329) a red and black scimitar tattoo
330) a green serpent tattoo
331) a grey sickle tattoo
332) a black and white shield tattoo
333) a nautilus shell tattoo
334) a cowrie shell tattoo
335) a triton shell tattoo
336) a golden spiral shell tattoo
337) a pink conch shell tattoo
338) a small scallop shell tattoo
339) a black shark's tooth tattoo
340) a linden blossom tattoo
341) a primitive circle tattoo
342) a primitive spider tattoo
343) a primitive turtle tattoo
344) a primitive lizard tattoo
345) a primitive sunburst tattoo
346) a primitive spiral tattoo
347) a white feather tattoo
348) a black feather tattoo
349) a bleeding heart tattoo
350) a cornucopia tattoo
351) an interlocking gold rings tattoo
352) a demon rum bottle tattoo
353) a flying black bat tattoo
354) a staring eyeball tattoo
355) an etched gravestone tattoo
356) a treasure chest tattoo
357) a golden owl tattoo
358) a black owl tattoo
359) a charging roa'ter tattoo
360) a green chameleon tattoo
361) a raging ki-lin tattoo
362) a dancing skeleton tattoo
363) a black scarab tattoo
364) a primitive scarab tattoo
365) a Sorcerer Guild tattoo
366) a Ranger Guild tattoo
367) an Empath Guild tattoo
368) a shambling zombie tattoo
369) a forest nymph tattoo
370) a crossed silver swords tattoo
371) a crossed black swords tattoo
372) a crossed crimson swords tattoo
373) a long-legged black spider tattoo
374) a swallowtail butterfly tattoo
375) a blue-backed dragonfly tattoo
376) a green stag beetle tattoo
377) an amber-eyed jackal tattoo
378) a misshapen scrawny goat tattoo
379) a one-eared rabbit tattoo
380) an overflowing loot bag tattoo
381) a sobbing blue pixie tattoo
382) an angry red pixie tattoo
383) a blushing pink pixie tattoo
384) a frightened yellow pixie tattoo
385) a mourning black pixie tattoo
386) an ornery orange pixie tattoo
387) an innocent white pixie tattoo
388) a Krolvin war frigate tattoo
389) an Ashrim scout ship tattoo
390) a Krolvin scout ship tattoo
391) an Ashrim war frigate tattoo
392) a sleek black wasp tattoo
393) a goblin skull bowling ball tattoo
394) a bleached skull tattoo
395) a towering volcano tattoo
396) a stalking coyote tattoo
397) a pouncing coyote tattoo
398) a snarling coyote tattoo
399) a forest trali tattoo
400) a Warrior Guild tattoo

Page 5

List of flash tattoos available (Page 5):
401) a Rogue Guild tattoo
402) a Merchant Guild tattoo
403) a laden swallow tattoo
404) a Bard Guild tattoo
405) a smelted forging hammer tattoo
406) a Wizard Guild tattoo
407) a black wraith tattoo
408) a tattoo of a cracked skull
409) a snake coiled skull tattoo
410) a cringing kobold tattoo
411) a coiled viper tattoo
412) a poised spotted leopard tattoo
413) a slinking black python tattoo
414) a sleeping demon tattoo
415) an onyx black cat tattoo
416) a crazed golden feline tattoo
417) a sea-green kappa tattoo
418) a tattoo of gold cascading stars
419) a tattoo of winding flower petals
420) a small white dove tattoo
421) a dew-kissed flower tattoo
422) a ring of lilies tattoo
423) a musical note tattoo
424) a ring of silver stars tattoo
425) a cluster of oak leaves tattoo
426) a crossed forging hammers tattoo
427) an Agresh tribal band tattoo
428) a grinning bog wight tattoo
429) a crested faeroth tattoo
430) a leering vourkha tattoo
431) a soaring raptor tattoo
432) a soaring griffin tattoo
433) a pouncing brindlecat tattoo
434) a prancing great stag tattoo
435) an albino scorpion tattoo
436) a snarling wolfhound tattoo
437) a raging krynch tattoo
438) a black-lined lunar eclipse tattoo
439) a beautiful sunrise tattoo
440) a grumpy tinker gnome tattoo
441) a spotted mushroom tattoo
442) a sitting lizard tattoo
443) a playful shaggy mutt tattoo
444) a golden-eyed kitten tattoo
445) a one-eared fluffy bunny tattoo
446) a happy brown aardvark tattoo
447) a lost-looking penguin chick tattoo
448) a long-haired arctic mouse tattoo
449) a blood-red rose tattoo
450) a lop-eared old mule tattoo
451) an overgrown snail tattoo
452) a sleek golden ferret tattoo
453) a red-breasted robin tattoo
454) a slavering urgh tattoo
455) a marching plains lion tattoo
456) a leering Ithzir seer tattoo
457) a menacing Ithzir scout tattoo
458) a rumbling construct tattoo
459) a colorful paintbrush tattoo
460) a stylized wolf tattoo
461) a cracked forge tattoo
462) an Ilyan Cloud tattoo
463) an ale-swilling dwarf tattoo
464) a whittling ranger tattoo
465) a fragile black orchid tattoo
466) a Krolvin galleon tattoo
467) a swooping griffin tattoo
468) a fluttering pennant tattoo
469) a treasure map tattoo
470) a deep blue triple moon tattoo
471) a smirking frog tattoo
472) a tattoo of a pair of DragonBones
473) a crowned frog tattoo
474) a thorned heart tattoo
475) a circle of dancing roltons tattoo
476) a diving hawk tattoo
477) a golden hawk tattoo
478) a black raven tattoo
479) a scale of musical notes tattoo
480) a dormant volcano tattoo
481) a white conch shell tattoo
482) a sleeping black cat tattoo
483) a howling grey wolf tattoo
484) a bejeweled trident tattoo
485) an amethyst windflower tattoo
486) a crimson hourglass tattoo
487) a twining morning glory tattoo
488) a dark violet woth flower tattoo
489) a proud warrior tattoo
490) a devout paladin tattoo
491) a disciplined monk tattoo
492) a somber monk tattoo
493) a grimacing empath tattoo
494) a stalking ranger tattoo
495) a tree-hugging ranger tattoo
496) a summoning sorcerer tattoo
497) a heroic cleric tattoo
498) a singing bard tattoo
499) a burly giantman tattoo
500) a burly man tattoo

Page 6

List of flash tattoos available (Page 6):
501) an axe-wielding dwarf tattoo
502) a nefarious dark elf tattoo
503) a pot-bellied halfling tattoo
504) a tart-stuffing halfling tattoo
505) an imperial Jantalarian tattoo
506) a tinkering gnome tattoo
507) a whittling gnome tattoo
508) a bouncing gnome tattoo
509) a slit-eyed erithian tattoo
510) a robed erithian tattoo
511) a multihued winged aelotoi tattoo
512) an exotic aelotoi tattoo
513) a gnarled half-krolvin tattoo
514) an angry half-krolvin tattoo
515) a pensive half-krolvin tattoo
516) a black anvil tattoo
517) a perfect forging hammer tattoo
518) a fletching razor tattoo
519) a tattoo of the Artisan's guild
520) a tattoo of the Cobblers' guild
521) a tattoo of the Blacksmiths guild
522) a tattoo of the Fletchers guild
523) a black-sailed pirate ship tattoo
524) a migrating troll tattoo
525) a tattoo of  G'Bruk
526) a blue mermaid tattoo
527) an Imperial Navy tattoo
528) a mandis crystal tattoo
529) a golden keg tattoo
530) an ora-tipped ballista tattoo
531) a mystical berry tart tattoo
532) a Fireside Inn tattoo
533) an Arcane Order tattoo
534) a tri-colored hound tattoo
535) a brown puppy tattoo
536) a sad-eyed puppy tattoo
537) a Rigaetha alumni tattoo
538) a Rigaetha scholar tattoo
539) a Rone Academy scholar's tattoo
540) a troll pathfinder tattoo
541) a krolvin tracker tattoo
542) a washed-up pirate tattoo
543) a blind soothsayer tattoo
544) a vine-wrapped heart tattoo
545) an ivy-twisted heart tattoo
546) a red-haired barmaid tattoo
547) a green-eyed barmaid tattoo
548) a twirling elven barmaid tattoo
549) a light-grey donkey tattoo
550) a mad goblin tattoo
551) a wingless faerie tattoo
552) a singing bluebird tattoo
553) a bright red cardinal tattoo
554) a colorful robin tattoo
555) a billowing firestorm tattoo
556) a golden rake tattoo
557) a tackling dummy tattoo
558) an impressive ballista tower tattoo
559) a burrowing roa'ter tattoo
560) a dancing pink elephant tattoo
561) a tiny toymaker tattoo
562) a sleeping guard tattoo
563) an old warrior tattoo
564) a blooming cherry tree tattoo
565) a tiny kitten tattoo
566) a shaggy dog tattoo
567) a golden runner tattoo
568) a smirking Mayor tattoo
569) a brilliant peacock tattoo
570) a colorful turkey tattoo
571) an arrow-split apple tattoo
572) a tattoo of the Baker's guild
573) a tattoo of the Butcher's guild
574) a tattoo of the Chandler's guild
575) a cracked lobster tattoo
576) a parading lobster tattoo
577) a brilliant rainbow tattoo
578) a Cleric's Guild tattoo
579) a leaping dolphin tattoo
580) a silver dolphin tattoo
581) a chain of intricate runes tattoo
582) a shadowy black shield tattoo
583) a white witch tattoo
584) a black witch tattoo
585) a cracked broomstick tattoo
586) a stark necromancer tattoo
587) a blooming honeysuckle tattoo
588) a soaring argent aspis tattoo
589) a roaring silver dragon tattoo
590) a rainbow-hued hummingbird tattoo
591) a white lily tattoo
592) a two-headed green serpent tattoo
593) a black widow spider tattoo
594) an emerald trident tattoo
595) a crimson lute tattoo
596) a golden anvil tattoo
597) a stylized red flame tattoo
598) a slit-pupiled yellow eye tattoo
599) a silver sickle tattoo
600) a golden sheaf tattoo

Page 7

List of flash tattoos available (Page 7):
601) a brown doe tattoo
602) a silver crystal ball tattoo
603) a silver clenched fist tattoo
604) a brilliant golden crown tattoo
605) a brilliant golden leaf tattoo
606) a brilliant white feather tattoo
607) a thorny black rose tattoo
608) a conjoined circles tattoo
609) a brilliant emerald serpent tattoo
610) a barbed tentacle tattoo
611) a pierced crimson heart tattoo
612) a silver and blue dolphin tattoo
613) a broken white skull tattoo
614) a blue and gold sunburst tattoo
615) a silver-edged black sword tattoo
616) a brilliant yellow note tattoo
617) a yellow rose tattoo
618) a brilliant white shield tattoo
619) a silvery crescent moon tattoo
620) a brilliant golden pegasus tattoo
621) a tattooed T'Kirem sigil
622) a tattooed Wsalamir sigil
623) a tattooed Grishknel sigil
624) a tattooed Issimir sigil
625) a tattooed Grot'karesh sigil
626) a tattooed Araime sigil
627) a tattooed Maeramil sigil
628) a tattooed Vaikalimara sigil
629) a swooping black crow tattoo
630) a stylized black crow tattoo
631) a black hyena tattoo
632) a crouching hyena tattoo
633) a bear paw tattoo
634) a rearing bear tattoo
635) a sleek black civet tattoo
636) a swooping shrike tattoo
637) a crude black badger tattoo
638) a badger paw tattoo
639) a golden stag tattoo
640) a golden margay tattoo
641) a soaring leaf-hawk tattoo
642) a dancing witch tattoo
643) a bubbling cauldron tattoo
644) a bright red monkeyflower tattoo
645) a bright yellow sunflower tattoo
646) a six-pointed star tattoo
647) a delicate white witch tattoo
648) an air elemental tattoo
649) an earth elemental tattoo
650) a fire elemental tattoo
651) a water elemental tattoo
652) a Basingstoke bloodmark tattoo
653) a Greengair bloodmark tattoo
654) a Wendwillow bloodmark tattoo
655) a Rosengift bloodmark tattoo
656) a Felcour bloodmark tattoo
657) a Angstholm bloodmark tattoo
658) a Withycombe bloodmark tattoo
659) a Winedotter bloodmark tattoo
660) a Aledotter bloodmark tattoo
661) a Nylem bloodmark tattoo
662) a Vylem bloodmark tattoo
663) a Gob'tak Klinast clan tattoo
664) a Rafi'kaes Klinast clan tattoo
665) a Hos'tau Klinast clan tattoo
666) a Lar'toth Klinast clan tattoo
667) a Swu'lin Klinast clan tattoo
668) a bright purple eggplant tattoo
669) a whimsical purple faerie tattoo
670) a cluster of purple grapes tattoo
671) a roaring purple rolton tattoo
672) a bouquet of dewy violets tattoo
673) a Clan Jakarta tattoo
674) a winged faerie tattoo
675) a dancing faerie tattoo
676) a sultry faerie tattoo
677) a tiny faerie tattoo
678) a frolicking faerie tattoo
679) a snarling faerie tattoo
680) an alluring faerie maiden tattoo
681) a sinuous purple dragon tattoo
682) a dancing purple imp tattoo
683) a flirting purple imp tattoo
684) an alluring blue imp tattoo
685) a snarling black imp tattoo
686) a lidless purple eye tattoo
687) a violet rose garland tattoo
688) a withered black rose tattoo
689) a sinuous amethyst wyrm tattoo
690) an enraged copper wyrm tattoo
691) a bemused silver wyrm tattoo
692) a simple Illistim crest tattoo
693) a simple Vaalor crest tattoo
694) a simple Ardenai crest tattoo
695) a simple Loenthra crest tattoo
696) a simple Nalfein crest tattoo
697) a simple Ashrim crest tattoo
698) an umber backed green oak leaf tattoo
699) a crimson-bound golden wyvern tattoo
700) a blue-backed peacock crest tattoo

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List of flash tattoos available (Page 8):
701) a jade encased black rose tattoo
702) an amethyst and silver harp tattoo
703) a pair of crossed sai tattoo
704) a pair of crossed katanas tattoo
705) a pair of crossed mauls tattoo
706) a bundle of seven arrows tattoo
707) a tattoo of six wavy lines
708) an oak leaf and berry cluster tattoo
709) a tattoo of ten tiny flames
710) a tattoo of two concentric pentagons
711) a leafy green grapevine tattoo
712) a sprawled giggling gnome tattoo
713) a frothing black lobster tattoo
714) a speckled red lobster tattoo
715) a tattoo of two racing toy-roltons
716) a primitive sun tattoo
717) a ring of loops and arcs tattoo
718) a looped whip tattoo
719) a frisky little weasel tattoo
720) a simple owl tattoo
721) some tattooed interlocking sigils
722) a tattooed ring of whorled knotwork
723) a ring of stylized leaves tattoo
724) a primitive tiger claw tattoo
725) a stylized crecent moon tattoo
726) a stylized sun burst tattoo
727) a Dhe'nari caste tattoo
728) a Dhe'nari Temple caste tattoo
729) a Dhe'nari Warlock caste tattoo
730) a Dhe'nari Warrior caste tattoo
731) a Dhe'nari worker caste tattoo
732) a thumb-sized blue jellyfish tattoo
733) a clinging dwarf octopus tattoo
734) an overturned ocean snail tattoo
735) a bulbous blue goldfish tattoo
736) a deflated red cloudfish tattoo
737) a puffy white cloudfish tattoo
738) a large red-green barb tattoo
739) a dainty zebra danio tattoo
740) an angry black betta tattoo
741) a darting gold swordtail tattoo
742) a silver swordtail tattoo
743) a tattoo of an eight-pointed star
744) a black-handled silver scythe tattoo
745) a tarnished scythe tattoo
746) a tattooed ring of jagged thorns
747) a flame-hued verlok feather tattoo
748) a tattooed pair of white wings
749) a tattooed pair of black wings
750) a colorful autumn leaves tattoo
751) a tattooed set of deep red wings
752) a pointy wizard hat tattoo
753) a stylized Faendryl crest tattoo
754) a miniature tattooed map of Cysaegir
755) a tattooed swirl of Tehir symbols
756) a stylized Velathae tower tattoo
757) a tattooed bar of chocolate
758) a bottle of red wine tattoo
759) a green-eyed black crow tattoo
760) a black horned triskelion tattoo
761) an interlocking red triquetra tattoo
762) a tattooed set of crimson lashes
763) a darkly-inked line of tribal markings
764) a cluster of brightly-inked curlicues
765) a spiral of silver-inked feathers
766) a ring of thorny tattooed vines
767) a tattooed line of angular runes
768) a tattooed band of black knotwork
769) a copper-inked jumble of small gears
770) a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes
771) a red-inked spattering of droplets
772) an azure-inked swirl of ocean waves
773) a vividly-inked spray of pink salorisa
774) a pair of black swallows tattoo
775) an ebon scrollwork tattoo
776) a series of tattooed tally marks
777) an azure-inked intricate water rune
778) a white-inked intricate air rune
779) a russet-inked intricate earth rune
780) a gold-inked intricate fire rune
781) a patch of amethyst-inked scales
782) a patch of viridian-inked scales
783) a patch of ebon-inked scales
784) a patch of azure-inked scales
785) a patch of cobalt-inked scales
786) a patch of cerise-inked scales
787) a patch of silver-inked scales
788) a patch of gold-inked scales
789) a spiral of gold-inked runes
790) a web of copper-inked runes
791) a band of silver-inked sigils
792) a charred warcamp tattoo
793) a large burning troll tattoo
794) a black-inked summoning circle
795) an expansive dark ribcage tattoo
796) a quintet of tattooed blue feathers
797) a tattooed black spinal column
798) an iron-banded thick keg tattoo
799) a crossed green pair of pickles tattoo
800) a tentacled wave ascendant tattoo

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List of flash tattoos available (Page 9):
801) an ash-covered mule tattoo
802) a one-eared rabbit tattoo
803) an oversized grey snail tattoo
804) a deep blue eostone tattoo
805) an emerald blazestar tattoo
806) a large yellow diamond tattoo
807) a golden triton shell tattoo
808) a faceted firestone tattoo
809) a princess-cut ruby tattoo
810) a step-cut emerald tattoo
811) a round-cut diamond tattoo
812) a small red Tilaok tattoo
813) a shadowed Lornon tattoo
814) a pale ivory Liabo tattoo
815) a grid of brass-inked lines
816) a cluster of copper-inked rivets
817) a pair of steel wrenches tattoo
818) a brass telescope tattoo
819) a colorful jumble of wires tattoo
820) a stylized Crimson Legion tattoo
821) a red and gold Legionnaire's tattoo
822) an inked Crimson Legion mark
823) a red-fielded wyvern crest tattoo
824) a five-part Bandon tattoo
825) a fist-inset black shield tattoo
826) a pile of silver coins tattoo
827) a spiral of bronze-inked glyphs
828) a band of copper-inked knots
829) some lines of dark-inked scripture
830) a thin band of olive-inked foliage
831) a web of tiny argent-inked stars
832) a vivid fiery orange marigold tattoo
833) a dark-hearted purple anemone tattoo
834) a green-leaved rowan branch tattoo
835) a sprawling persimmon tree tattoo
836) a detailed sea glass shard tattoo
837) a starry blue constellation tattoo
838) a patchwork quilt square tattoo
839) a plaited silver knotwork tattoo
840) a faded kiramon mandible tattoo
841) a grey-shaded skull and bones tattoo
842) a pallid jade green dragonfly tattoo
843) an ebon-lined plum dragonfly tattoo
844) a pastel-hued damselfly tattoo
845) a labyrinthine thanot sprig tattoo
846) an ivory-inked persimmon blossom
847) a black-striped sugar glider tattoo
848) a burning warcamp tattoo
849) a breaching roa'ter tattoo
850) a soaring silver dragon tattoo
851) a coiled silver dragon tattoo
852) a sleeping silver dragon tattoo
853) a multicolored cockatrice tattoo
854) an iron-banded bourbon barrel tattoo
855) a jug of death-rum tattoo
856) a pair of red-inked claw marks

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