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Mystic tattoos are tattoos that monks create by adding an enhancive statistic (not skill) to an existing stock tattoo or other non-scripted tattoo. These are called mundane tattoos until they are enhanced. A character may only have one mystic tattoo at a time, and they can range from the first circle (tier 1) to fifth circle (tier 5).


While a mystic tattoo has charges, it provides a +1 per circle to the target statistic's bonus, or net +2 per circle to the target statistic's value. For example, a fifth circle Logic tattoo would provide +10 to the Logic stat and +5 to the Logic bonus. This bonus must adhere to the same limitations of all enhancive bonuses not gained through the Ascension Skill System.

Mystic tattoos have 100 charges when applied, and are fully recharged when upgraded to a higher circle. Monks can also add charges at a cost of 1000 motes per charge. By design, it is expected that monks will have reasonable success at applying tiers in steps of 20 levels, so a 20th level Monk may apply a first circle (tier 1) and a 100th level monk may apply a fifth circle (tier 5) with reasonable success chance. There is not an explicit level requirement to do any tier of mystic tattoo.

Caution: A character may only have one mystic tattoo at a time. As transforming a non-scripted tattoo into a mystic tattoo recreates it as a non-crumbly enhancive, the only way to change from one stat enhancive to another is permanently removing the mystic tattoo. Players should thus use caution getting a mystic tattoo applied to a custom (altered) tattoo. If they later want to change the type of stat enhancive they have, they will need to remove the custom tattoo to create a new one.

Motes of Tranquility

Motes required per circle
Circle Motes Required
1 50,000
2 75,000
3 100,000
4 125,000
5 150,000

Converting a mundane tattoo to a mystic tattoo requires the performing monk to have gathered motes of tranquility through absorbing experience either via an experience pulse or via offline experience absorption, in a manner similar to wizards with Enchant (925), or sorcerers with Ensorcell (735). Experience absorption modifiers such as Gift of Lumnis or roleplaying awards apply, but instant experience absorption such as BOOST ABSORB or Rings of Lumnis do not. There is a weekly limit of 50,000 motes, and an overall pool cap of having 200,000 available at a time.

Each tier of the mystic tattoo requires a greater number of motes to apply, starting at 50,000 for tier 1 and increasing by 25,000 at each successive tier, or 25000 x (1+TargetTier) cost in motes. Thus, to go from a mundane tattoo to a Mystic Tattoo of the fifth circle requires 10 weeks of capped Motes of Tranquility. Current Motes of Tranquility are displayed using TATTOO (in character description) or RESOURCE (numerical readout).

Health: 203/220     Mana: 150/150     Stamina: 178/178     Spirit: 10/10
Motes of Tranquility: 50,000/50,000 (Weekly)     125,000/200,000 (Total)


Both a needle and ink are required to be in-hand, and are available for purchase from the town alchemist. Ink may be combined via POUR, to a limit of 10 doses. The needle must be in the right hand when used. Each tier requires a corresponding number of doses of ink, so the circle 5 application will need 5 doses of ink.

Note that the target mundane tattoo being worked on requires that it be:

  • visible on whatever body part it lies. For example, converting a tattoo on the chest will require that the target remove any armor, since that covers the chest.
  • referred to by noun. Most will be "tattoo", but some will not: #846 would be "blossom", and #856 would be "marks".

Applying the tattoo requires the use of the TATTOO verb.

    TATTOO INVENTORY                                     - Gives a list of tattoos on your person
    TATTOO MENU                                          - Gives a list of flash tattoos available
    TATTOO ACCEPT                                        - Accepts a pending offer to be tattooed
    TATTOO STATS                                         - Lists your tattooing stats
    TATTOO MUNDANE {player} {tattoo menu #} {location}   - Tattoos the target player
    TATTOO MYSTIC {player} {stat name} {tattoo}          - Turns target's tattoo into a mystic tattoo
    TATTOO MYSTIC [player]                               - Upgrades an existing mystic tattoo
    TATTOO CHARGE [player]                               - Recharges target player's mystic tattoo

If [player] is not specified, you are the assumed target.

TATTOO INVENTORY will show all tattoos on the character, their location, and whether they are visible or covered. Mystic tattoos, if present, will display both the current number of charges and the maximum for that tattoo (100 charges per tier).

Applying the mystic tattoo uses a two-step confirmation process, and expected chance of success is shown, so the performing monk can choose not to make the attempt if there is a high risk of losing motes to failure.

>tattoo mystic (character) wisdom tattoo
You consider imbuing the essence of wisdom into (tattoo) on (character), which is currently just a mundane tattoo.  You estimate that you can only fail if you are horribly unlucky.
To offer to tattoo (character), enter the same command again in the next minute.

>tattoo mystic (character) wisdom tattoo
You hold up a polished blue and silver needle and a wide-mouthed jar of tattoo ink in an offer to imbue the essence of wisdom into (Character’s) (tattoo).  (She/he) will need to TATTOO ACCEPT in the next minute.
(Character) has accepted your offer of a mystic tattoo and awaits your tranquil hand.  Just retype your last TATTOO MYSTIC command in the next minute.
>tattoo mystic (character) wisdom tattoo
You make a good attempt!

Success!  You work the ink into (Character’s) (tattoo), concentrating on establishing a faint link with (his/her) mind as you invoke the tranquil core of your soul to instill (his/her) body with the pure essence of wisdom!
That was the last drop of ink.
A wide-mouthed jar of tattoo ink suddenly shatters, leaving nothing behind.
Roundtime: 20 sec.

A successful application requires the following calculation to be made:

Monk Level + 2*DEX bonus + 2*DIS bonus + Physical Fitness ranks*3/4 + First Aid ranks/2 + 2*spell ranks + Arcane Symbols ranks + Mental Mana Control/Spirit Mana Control ranks + Lore skill bonus - 100 * (circle of tattoo) + d100 > 100

Note: When tattooing the self, Mental Lore, Transformation is used in the calculation. When tattooing others, the monk will use their Mental Lore, Telepathy. The circle of the mystic tattoo, injuries, and low spirit apply penalties to the skill check. The Gift of Eonak crafting roll applies to these checks.

Additional Information

TATTOO STATS will show the performing Monk's number of mundane tattoos applied, and the sum total of Motes spent in successful uses (either application of new Mystic tiers or additional charges added to existing Mystic tattoos). Motes lost through unsuccessful tier applications are not tracked.


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