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Tier Two of Holy Receptacle (325) creates a Brimstone, which amounts to a "holy hand grenade". When used in combat, these stones attempt to set creatures aflame with ribbons of holy energy. There is an initial wave of damage to all creatures hit, after which they are subject to an immolation effect. While immolated, the creature will fall to the ground, incapacitated, while taking damage as it attempts to put out the flames.


To create a Brimstone, a cleric must have:

Any character can use a Brimstone once created.


Syntax - bless deity common 2

You mutter a quick orison and the (gem) takes on a (strength) amber light.


The appearance of a Brimstone indicates the strength of the brimstone, which is based on the value of the stone used to create it. There are four tiers of strength:

  • Soft - Produces a singular band of energy that can hit one critter.
  • Warm - Produces a double-band of energy that will can up to two critters.
  • Vivid - Produces a tri-banded energy ribbon that can hit up to three critters
  • Dazzling - Produces a double-banded and a tri-banded ribbon that can hit up to seven critters.
Syntax - look (gem)

The (gem) glows with a (strength) light.


Using a Brimstone is as easy as TOSSing it in a room with critters. It is not necessary to specify a target - and since the ribbons are guided by the spirits, doing so doesn't have any noticable effect.

Syntax - toss (gem)
>toss emerald
You toss your emerald onto the floor and it bounces a few feet before skidding to a stop.
A tri-banded ribbon of crackling, amber energy discharges from the pearl and races along the floor toward a waern ...
A waern is struck by an amber energy ribbon!
  ... 55 points of damage!
  Right leg aflame.  When the smoke clears, there's nothing left.
The waern yelps loudly as he collapses to the ground in obvious pain and favors his mangled right hind leg.
 The waern is stunned!
 Wisps of black smoke swirl around a waern and he bursts into flame!

Once hit, a creature will continue to burn until the flames go out or the creature dies. While burning, the critter will remain stunned and prone.

Damage done is based on several factors, including (but not limited to) level of the character TOSSing, the creature effected, and the value of the gem. Successfully hitting the creature is based on opposing levels, as well as the cleric's skill in Spiritual Lore, Summoning.