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A Sorcerer Guild skill focused on obfuscation and creating objects from nothing. This skill comprises six (6) individual illusions which are studied and practiced in sequence. For a list of sorcerers who have mastered this skill and have offered to avail themselves to others that need aid in advancing, refer to the Illusions Masters page.

Creating an Illusion

  • ILLUSION {rose|vortex|maelstrom|void} : makes an attempt to create the illusion in your empty hand
  • ILLUSION {shadow|demon} {target} : makes an attempt to create a shadow over an item or demon illusion over a minor demon

Each illusion is progressively difficult to create successfully. Rose being the easiest, and shadow being the most difficult (demon illusions always succeed). An attempt will always incur a random amount of RT between 1 and 5 sec, regardless of the attempt's outcome. Since overall ranks in illusions are a significant factor in success, previous illusions are generally easier to create than current ones. Each time an attempt at creation is made, the following factors are assessed and a d100 roll made.

Success Factors

Illusion ranks Aura
Perception Wisdom
Level Discipline
Illusion's difficulty Intuition

Additionally, if being taught, the student receives a bonus to create that illusion for thirty seconds.

The Six Illusions

Each illusion is obtained and practiced in order. Once the illusion is learned, the sorcerer can continue to create it as long as they maintain active in the guild. Complete tasks to collect guild training points, achieving ranks in the Illusions skill. Subsequent illusions are learned upon reaching the appropriate amount of ranks in the skill.

Illusion Ranks Seconds
per rank
Rose 0 - 6 20
Vortex 7 - 14 10
Maelstrom 15 - 24 10
Void 25 - 34 10
Shadow 35 - 47 15
Demon 48 - 63 30

The number of ranks in this table refers to the number of ranks in the Illusions skill and not overall guild ranks.


The first and most interactive illusion. A detailed "black essence rose" is produced in the hand of the sorcerer which created it. They offer a variety of roleplay functions, such as the ability to change one's eye color. Sorcerers can specify which nightmare is contained in a rose by specifying the assigned number for the nightmare after ILLUSION ROSE. Thus, ILLUSION ROSE 99 will create a nightmare with a sorcerer's custom nightmare, if one is available.

  • EAT ROSE : Disposes of the rose. Upon eating a rose, the essence travels through the skin and covers the eyes, temporarily causing them to appear pupiless and black-sheened. If Eye Spy is cast while under this effect, the floating eye will retain this appearance. If a non-sorcerer eats a rose, it casts the spell Nightmare upon them. The potency of the nightmare is relative to the power of the rose's creator.
  • TAP ROSE : Causes the rose to dissolve and temporarily reform into the shape any one of a number of creatures.
  • COVER ROSE : Causes the rose to turn invisible, but still remain in the sorcerer's hand. Covering it again will bring it back into visibility.
  • RUB ROSE : Causes the rose to dissolve into a collection of swirling motes of essence, before returning to the shape of a rose.
  • POINT ROSE AT {character|container} : Allows one to put the rose into the hand of a character, or to put a rose inside of a container, including worn containers and objects such as benches.
  • TOSS ROSE AT {character} : Throws the rose at the character, turning it into a stiletto which shatters harmlessly on their chest.
  • CLENCH ROSE : Causes the rose to sprout thorns which appear menacing enough so that other characters will not be able to pick it up.


A whirlwind of essence dust and debris in the form of a "swirling colorless vortex." It has no specific functions, but can be interacted with as a normal object. Using verbs such as peer, grin, and smile on the vortex will cause it to be dispersed. This illusion is commonly used as the 'default' illusion when performing the teach task because of its minimal screen scroll.


An advanced version of vortex, appearing as a "raging tempest." With churning air, arcing lightning, and hailstones, it's a miniature illusionary version of the Energy Maelstrom spell. As with the vortex, it offers no mechanical functions but can be dispersed through certain verbs similar to those used in vortex. This illusion is widely known as the worst eyesore of all the illusions.


A "rippling black void" mimicking an Implosion is created. Many disposable items can be placed within them, destroying both item and void permanently.

  • PUT {item} IN VOID : effectively trashes (deletes) the item, and causes the void to dissipate
  • TURN VOID : Causes the void to spin extremely fast, and then eliminates it. Serves no specific purpose.
  • POKE VOID : Will eliminate the void with little screenscroll.
  • TOSS VOID AT {character} : Throws the void at a character, similar to rose's toss function.
>illusion void
You hold up your hand, palm facing up, and concentrate on creating the illusion of a void.  Inky black lines appear in the air hovering over your hand, and you feel a distinct pull of air towards this point.  The sound of reality and time being torn echoes out from your palm as a rippling black void slowly opens.  The miniature fissure begins to feed on the air around you.
Roundtime: 3 sec.


An "errant black shadow" can be used to conceal items on the ground from the view of other characters or the janitor. Only the creator of the shadow can manipulate items within or dispel the shadow. Creating a shadow costs 3 mana.

  • ILLUSION SHADOW SHADOW : Will dispel the shadow prematurely. Be aware adjectives (such as second or other) cannot be used with this command, which often creates problems if more than one sorcerer is creating shadows in the same room.


The pinnacle of illusions is the ability to enshroud minor demons, concealing their true form from the law and nosy characters. Due to the complexity of the demon illusions, they are learned one at a time. Proficiency with more basic demon illusions must be displayed before others can be practiced. However, one can illusion the simplest of demons all the way to mastery for credit within the guild. Creating a demon illusion costs 5 mana.

  • ILLUSION DEMON {figure|gnoll|ferret|vulture|toucan|wolf} DISPEL : ceases the demon illusion. It does not cost any mana to perform, but cannot be done unless you have at least 5 mana.

Demon illusions last indefinitely and a demon without an illusion will not attempt to enter a town unless specifically told so by their master.

Demon Archetype Corresponding Illusion Rank Learned
Igaesha large black vulture 48
Imp and Shien stooped and wizened gnoll 53
Verlok brightly plumed toucan 54
Grantris lithe ferret 55
Aishan languid [color †] wolf 58
Arashan tethered hairy black tarantula 60
Abyran and Grik hooded figure 63

† The wolf illusion retains the original color of the aishan it masks.

Tasks for Illusions Progression

There are five types of tasks which can be assigned to a student of illusions. The Training Administrator assigns each one randomly when a new task is requested. A number of repetitions (reps) are assigned along with each task, all of which must be executed before the task is considered complete. The number of reps is also random, but the base increases with increasing ranks. Each completed task will garner an amount of guild training points, and once enough training points are received, a promotion to the next rank is earned. To view current ranks, current task, reps remaining until next task, and points remaining until next rank, use the GLD command.

  • ASK {NPC} ABOUT TRAINING ILLUSIONS once you have completed the reps for your task. This checks in with the administrator, rewarding you training points. Repeat this command to receive your next task.
  • ASK {NPC} ABOUT TRADE ILLUSIONS if you do not want to complete the task. As a penalty, no credit will be received for the next task, and there is no guarantee that a different task will be assigned, as it is done randomly.
  • ASK {NPC} ABOUT NEXT ILLUSION when the Training Administrator tells you to visit the Guildmaster to receive a promotion. The Guildmaster will award you the next rank, along with a small amount of experience and fame. Once the Guildmaster has promoted you, return to the Training Administrator to receive your next task.

In all the above examples, one may omit specifying ILLUSIONS to the NPC if the previous training or rank was garnered from work on illusions (as opposed to some form of alchemy).


The Training Administrator told you to find a fellow guild member to teach Illusions to.

You must instruct another Sorcerer Guild member in the art of illusions. This action will incur an RT for both individuals, usually from 12 to 18 sec. Then the student must then create the illusion taught to them within 60 seconds of receiving a lesson. It is not necessary to teach your current illusion in order to obtain reps, but a student attempting to garner learn reps must be learning their current illusion.

  • ILLUSION TEACH {character} {illusion} is the appropriate syntax to execute an instruction round.
  • This can also be used to help others progress through illusions training. Attempting to create an illusion within 30 seconds of receiving a lesson garners a bonus to success. It is not necessary to be assigned with the teach task in order to use this ability.
  • Repetitions might not be gained for teaching if the student has an audience task of a same illusion. This needs to be tested and confirmed.
  • If the student has an audience task of a different illusion, the student must do the taught illusion immediately after being taught it, not their own audience illusion. If the audience illusion is performed after being taught a different illusion, neither the student nor the teacher will receive credit of any kind until the teaching session expires.
  • As for teaching a student assigned to speed tasks, repetitions are only gained for each fully completed speed rep. The student must complete or trade in the assignment before the teacher receives credit as normal. This generally requires a fast student since it must be done in the 30 second teaching window.

If teaching a Guildmaster, each repetition counts twice.


The Training Administrator told you to find a fellow guild member to teach you illusions.

Find another Sorcerer Guild member to instruct you in your current illusion. The teacher must have knowledge of that illusion to do so, but does not need to be tasked with teach. You will then have 60 seconds to perform the illusion correctly.

If learning from a Guildmaster, each repetition counts twice.


The Training Administrator told you to see how many times you can create an Illusion within one minute.

Create five (5) or six (6) of your current illusion within 60 sec (the total is always random). The timer begins when the first success in a round is executed. If the series is not completed within the time allotted, a new round will begin upon the next successful creation. This task causes extreme amounts of screen scroll, it is recommended to retire to a secluded area before performing this task. It is possible to receive a rep for teaching someone tasked with speed, but the teach rep is only achieved if a full speed rep is completed.


The Training Administrator told you to practice your latest Illusion in front of an audience.

You must successfully execute your current illusion in front of four other characters (three in Platinum). Audience members must be visible and living. Sorcerer Guild Masters count as three audience members, and other active Guild members count as two. Once a rep is executed, 30 seconds must pass before another can be achieved. One may teach to others between their audience reps, but others cannot receive teach reps by teaching someone who is tasked with audience.

  • Audiences are not always available. Offering defensive magic and other services in a populated area of town can help gather the crowd required for this task.


The Training Administrator told you to find an Arcane Master to practice with.

You must go to one of the Arcane Masters and ask them for training in Illusions. They will take you to a private room, then you must execute your current illusion for the required number of repetitions.

Experience and Fame

Various tasks within the guild will allow a sorcerer to gain experience and fame. First and foremost is gaining a rank, which will give you 200 experience and 50 fame. Additionally, finishing a task will give a variable amount of experience, usually around 30.

Helping other sorcerers with their tasks by teaching or being taught will give a small amount of experience and fame, assuming that helping them is not the same thing as what you have been currently tasked with. For example, if you were tasked to be taught, and your partner needs to teach, you will not get experience for being taught. Each repetition will give you 15 experience and 1 fame.

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