Tales of Solhaven (storyline)/2024-03-24 - Vornavis Baronial Court Session (log)

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Lady Athalia addressed those gathered.  Highlights are:

  • She acknowledge the Order of the Silver Gryphons, Order of the Azure Sun, and Order of the Swan
  • She acknowledge the hard work of Cairnfang Manor, the commemoration of their 25th Winter Nights, and specifically thanked Lady Phanna, as well as H. E. R. T., the Order of the Eternal Light, Twilight Gallery, Coterie of the Swan, Allies of the Grey, and the Order of the Azure Sun.
  • She shared that her father's health was improving and that he was visiting the Viscountess of Fairport.
  • She shared that Lord Salnim was already on the Eastern Front in his role as Eastern Sentinnel.
  • She announced that Lord Gurbah was stepping down as Captian of the Vornavian Guard to be Captain of the Eastern Sentinnel's entourage.
  • Jarnsaixa, still on loan from the Emperor, was acting as interrim Captain.
  • She expressed appreciation for the continued reports from the Silver Gryphons on the happenings in the Landing.  Disappointment that they had resorted to bloodmagic and Marlu worship, while also acknowledging their desperation.
  • She went on to remind all that aid and sanctuary are readily available in Vornavis, though she admitted to a breakdown of communication with the new Mayor.
  • She expressed appreciation for the reports from the Sentinel Fleet regarding Zerroth and also Vornavis has added funds to the coffers of the local Voln to aid in their continue efforts to track him.
  • She announced that Harbormaster Willard was striped of his title, busted down to "mate status", and ordered 9 years before the mast.
  • She announced that late spring should see them heading to Wyrdeep to support the Eastern Sentinnel as he oversees the Cessation of the Wyrdeep and that they hope all can make the historic moment.
  • She acknowledged with respect the stepping down of the current Argent Mirror.
  • She expressed pleasure at Sayilla's rise.
  • She shared that Merchant Beabuille had taken up the search for Healer Grenhal's family in the Sea of Fire.
  • Odelgarde expressed interest in the recent happenings of the Sea Caves and there was a small discussion.
  • The Chamberlain read a letter from Lady Sayilla and announced that the memorial gift would be installed with the Mural that the Merchantyle Guild was constructing.
  • Meril was asked if she'd considered the invitation to the Order of the Swan.  She admitted to not knowing much about them and it was suggested she do more research.  She will be asked again at a later date.
  • Lady Danalla Ba'Thira asked the court to intercede on her behalf given the circumstances surrounding Akinir Scallabrini.  Many in court supported her and the Lady will proceed, though Magister Odelgarde must interview the child in a neutral setting to ensure.
  • Meril requested that Tshomlin be handed over to the Empath Guild for his crimes.  Odelgarden informed that statue requires the guild to represent the healer's family, though only if she was fully guilded.  She did say she would still add it to her letters.
  • Lady Opalina was called forward to speak but felt ill and couldnot continue.  She was advised that a letter may be sent to the Lord Chamberlain at anytimer and would be discreetly kept.
  • Jaysehn requested that with the storm season upon the Freeport that it needed a new Harbormaster.  Athalia reminded him that Solhaven had one, but that Vornavis was confused.  It was a distinction that is not always clear to all, so she wanted to point it out.  She did note that she understood where he stood on the matter and valued his maritime knowledge and skill.
  • Teveriel expressed gratitude for the aid of the Gryphons, that the ideas and principles shared between the barony and Vaalor were important.  He expressed regret that the Legion could not be present themselves to share their gratitude and hoped that all orders would work together.
  • Athalia said that she too was pleased that the Orders of Vornavis were willing to work beyond the bounds of those within the treaty and hoped that this will continue and expand relations.
  • Court was concluded.