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Tales of Solhaven are once-off GM-led, GM NPC related, or similar roleplay events in the Solhaven region that are not necessarily part of a larger or named storyline.

Logs, vignettes, and recaps related to formally named storylines should go in their storyline category. For the list of ongoing and historical storylines that take place in Solhaven, see Category:Solhaven storylines.


The Unpleasant Illness

The events surrounding the Unpleasant Illness have run concurrently with the Nations on the Brink storyline and focus on Baron Malwind's illness, which was first revealed in December 2022.

  • During a Vornavis court session on the 13th day of Eorgaen, Lady Athalia Malwind presides over court for the first time in Vornavian history. She mentions her father is unwell.
  • During the Month of Lormesta, Athalia responds to letters on her father's behalf.
  • Continued inquiries at the Lormesta 6th Vornavis court session reveal that Athalia's father remains ill, but is getting better.
  • Was It Time? vignette.
  • Lady Athalia Malwind announces that with the aid of Odelgarde Brindlestraffe and Mistress Grenhal her father is getting better.
  • Later, after Grenhal's discovered to be a traitor to the Barony, Athalia is forced to announce that despite their original hope, her father is not getting better due to long-term poisoning of his system with an unknown disease.
  • Early August 2023, Odelgarde Brindlestraffe reports that the Baron seems to be doing better, though still not a hundred percent. She reports that his cough, when there isn't enough moisture in the air around him, is debilitating and that Lady Athalia refuses to let him take on duties. Odelgarde takes some advice about mineral and stone baths to help easy his lung infection, as well as a list of herbs to try. She expressed concern that his age and the strain of this sickness is doing other damage but was vague.

Solhmon Plans to Retire

In December 2022, Solhmon announces plans to retire, mentioning that his sister's husband recently died and that he may move to the Steppes to aid her in raising his nieces. He continues by saying that he is thinking of handing over the business to his nephew Calcitro Kirsh but only if he can bake muffins that would appease the loyal following he has in Solhaven. Calcitro holds a contest for suggestions on new muffins to make to impress Solhmon, which are then put out in a pavilion for sampling and voting. The most popular muffins are then added to the Muffinsmith Stall as a trial run in the form of a shop inventory update.

In December 2023, Solhmon was honored at a banquet on his last night in Solhaven. After the banquet had ended, he left for the Northern Steppes to be with his sister's family.

Solhaven-Vornavis Walls

In January 2023, the City of Vornavis opens its gates as part of a new area release. Characters who are citizens of Solhaven, have Vornavis as a culture, or have been awarded certain titles as part of storylines are able to enter Vornavis City. All others are able to enter the city when in a group led by someone who satisfies that criteria. Vornavis Keep is now accessed through Vornavis City.

Observations of a Magister

The events surrounding the Observations of a Magister have run concurrently with the Nations on the Brink storyline and focus on happenings within Vornavis City.

Bayou Blues

The events surrounding Bayou Blues have run concurrently with the Nations on the Brink storyline and focus on the residents of Marshtown.

  • A call to Market Bend in South Haven heralds bizarre news. Details.
  • Commoners from Aldora and Marshtown are turned back after traveling to Zul Logoth with the intent to tell the Argent Mirror that they're upset about the lack of justice for Kasendra's death. Details.
  • Young Jillou of Marshtown was sent out by her Paw Paw to go collect some crawfish. He told her to be nice to the locals and maybe they would help her. And if she got really lucky, then maybe they would keep her safe long enough to get the special crawfish out of the bog. She met several people, learned a new song, and collected lots of crawfish. She had no idea she was hanging out with knights and squires and magisters.
    • Release Note 2023: Vornavis Bog and Marshtown now have extra Sea Critters that can be collected.
  • Young Jillou of Marshtown was sent out by her Paw Paw to forage for some okra. She went looking for the shiny guys to help her do it. While foraging, mostly in the Vornavian Holdings, she told them that her favorite pirate was Cera the Crow and shared a story when they didn't know who it was.
    • Release Note 2023: Okra is now foragable in the Vornavian Holdings.
  • Young Jillou of Marshtown was sent out again by her Paw Paw to forage for some flowers for the table of his new restaurant. She went looking for the various adventurers to help her find the flowers she needed. She moved throughout the marsh-like areas of the environs and eventually found enough of the flowers that she needed. Once done, she invited folks in to enjoy a meal.
    • Release Note 2023: Cordgrass, Marshgrass, Mannagrass, Reedgrass, Robin Flowers, Water Crowfoot, and Lady's Smock Blossom are now foragable in the bog and wetlands of Solhaven. Additionally, the Marshtown Eatery is now open.
  • Young Jillou of Marshtown is sent on an errand by her father. She confides in adventurers that her father is making her go to school and making her sister go to the night school. She complains about it but adventurers convince her that it will help her in the long run. She even makes a contract with one adventurer for shipping when she becomes the first ever Crawfish exporter.
    • Release Note 2024: Fisherman's pier had two carts added to it selling raw fish and shellfish.
  • Young Jillou of Marshtown was caught skipping school to fish.
    • Release Note 2024: Solhaven now has fishing! You can fish on the bay in a boat, or you can fish off a variety of its piers.

Mercantile Guild's Seven Days/Nights of Illumination

Day 1

On the Day of the Huntress, the first day/night of the 7 Days/Nights of Illumination, the Mercantile Guild welcomed a new business to South Market. Limpidity, run by a gnomish family, sells a variety of glass items and the new owners are happy to customize them for you. They offer twenty unique designs to Solhaven.

Additionally, the quiet release of Kuon’s Shrine in the Temple of Imaera took place.

As the day of the Huntress turned into the Morning of Feastday, the Ceremony of Dispelling the Shadows took place. Starting at Tumbledown Lane and ending in South Market, citizens, sailors, dockworkers, and more moved through the purposefully darkened streets to symbolically return the light. Once in South Market, beverages were shared and then everyone journeyed to Changeling Bending where the newly refurbished Bobo’s Toy Park was opened and christened with its first performance. A shadow puppet play highlighting historical moments of Vornavis’ part in the War of the Nations.

Bobo’s Toy Park has an informal stage, colorful topiary, and a small beach that touches the waters of the bay. As a result, you can collect Sea Critters from that location.

Additionally, starting today, during the Hours of Lumnis, Phoen, Tonis, and Ronan, the temples of the prospective deities will ring out the hour.

Monday – Friday, except during holidays, the bells of the schools will be heard multiple times throughout the day. And as dusk settles in, parents will call their children home for dinner.

Lastly, snow can now be seen to be accumulating on the various houses and shops throughout the town. And a few snow piles have been placed.

OOC Note: Five-Six rooms in South Market have been cleaned up to have their shops, warehouses, or other items embedded into the room text. This includes South Market Proper.

Day 2

Today’s activity involved a speech by the Headmistress of the Solhaven Schoolhouse, Nelynna. She spoke about how 18 years ago a war ravaged the streets of Solhaven transforming it into Nighthaven and disrupting life as they knew it. Now, those same children that sat at the desk of the Schoolhouse are 25-36 years of age and have large gaps in their education. As a result, a new wing has been added to the Solhaven Schoolhouse. One dedicated to the education of adults. It is the hope of the schools that continued learning will take place for those who need it despite their age.

OOC: The Solhaven Schoolhouse has had a new hallway, two classrooms, an outdoor pathway, and a Greenhouse added to it. The greenhouse is a community garden.

Additionally, all submitted artwork from the “In Frame” was used in this expansion.

Day 3

As day three of the Solhaven Mercantile’s Guild Seven Days/Nights of Illumination comes to a close, here is a brief recap of today’s events.

Warfside Weavers, the newest shop in Solhaven opens as part of the Solhaven Mercantile Guild’s Seven Days/Nights of Illumination continues. The small shop has a few wares for sale, though the big draw is the tailor in the back room who can provide clothing customizations.

High Priest Vothiel of Lorminstra’s Temple and his son, Herald Edryd, held an event to honor the memory of those who have gone before. The herald performed a ballad that he wrote for the Griffin Sword Saga, while his father encouraged others to share their memories, songs, and losses.

As the event drew to a close, Vothiel reminded everyone that the Temple of Lorminstra is open to not only collect deeds but to aid those seeking help with mourning. He encouraged everyone to remember the light of the one they lost, so that it can guide them in the night.

OOC Note: The new shop is in the southwest corner of South Market.

The Courtyard of Remembrance had some minor cleanup. The walls and benches were linked in the room text.

Day 4

Tonight, Alouetta met attendees at the East Wing of the Solhaven Library where she accepted donations for books. Each 5,000 silver donation earned you an ornament that she designed on the spot for you.

It was later revealed that this was a stalling tactic as she was waiting for the Vornavis Librarian and Master of Arcane Acquisitions, Lady Tasytha to arrive. Tasytha gave a speech and then cut the ribbon on the Library Attic opening.

OOC Note: The Attic Features two pieces of artwork that were submitted in the Solhaven Contest “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

It also added the following books to the library:

  • Artisanal Glasses of Elanthia, an excerpt
  • The Five Volume Tomes of the Divination Guide of Elanthia (a complete set)
  • Human Mourning Customs - Volume 1
  • Madness and Entropy: A Tale of Zelia
  • The History of Luukos, an excerpt from the Compendium of Elven Legend
  • The Three-Volume Encyclopedia of the History of the Order of Voln
  • The Three-Volume Compendium of the Griffin Sword Saga

Day 5

A banquet was hosted on the celebration barge by the Malwind Siblings, Athalia and Salnim. The honored guest was the Muffinsmith Sohlomon, who was so overcome that he departed early. The siblings wished to honor the muffinsmith for his years of service to the hungry masses of the Freeport and to wish him well on his travels.

The Muffinsmith has departed for north and east to stay with his sister as of the writing of this recap.

Shortly after, a herald arrived to issue a proclamation from the Emperor of the Human Empire. Salnim has been named Eastern Sentinel and will be departing for the east in a new role to help foster peace and trade with the Wyrdeep.

The shock was quite profound.

OOC Note: The Muffin Stall has been updated to demonstrate that Calcitro is the new proprietor of the establishment and our dearly beloved muffinsmith is officially retired.

Day 6

Dame Jarnsaixa met guests at the Lornon Gates and shared that she was informed she had to write a speech so she did her best. She spoke about being asked to help with the establishment of Shrines up on the Vornavian Gate and turned it into a security project. After much back and forth with the Guild, she requested a Barbican with two ballistas to protect evacuation routes on both Lornon Ave and Liabo Esplanade, with the Shrines between them. A center room within the Barbican can be used for triage. Both Ballistas rooms are well stocked and the shrines are functional.

OOC Note: Leya and the Huntress each have shrines in Solhaven now. They are functional shrines, much like the others, and each honors a specific deity. The Ballista towers are functional as well, facing Liabo and Lornon streets respectively.

Day 7

Empath Sargassa joined guests at the Old Market Plaza for a special ribbon-cutting ceremony. She shared her experience of when she first came to Solhaven and how she recently ran into an aelotoi healer who reminded her of the importance of healing and not charging. So, as a result, she opened the Solhaven Free Clinic off of Old Market Plaza.

She also mentioned that she was supposed to announce that the Butcher Shop had new offerings.

This concludes the Solhaven Mercantile Guild’s Seven Days/Nights of Illumination. I sincerely hope that it was enjoyed. Have a lovely holiday season, whatever you may celebrate.

OOC Note:

  • Butcher Shop has new food offerings with new flavor messages.
  • Clinic is a safehaven and has both a Message Board and Chalkboard for sharing messages.

Holiday - Day of Voaris and Laethe

Candles were lit along the East Bridge, across Lornon and down the streets of South Haven to an Artist's House that had been converted to a Shrine to the Twins. An involved ceremony took place, utilizing the South Haven Orphans Choir. At the end of the ceremony, Talleani spoke and asked for donations so that she could build an orphanage.

Holiday - Day of Zelia's Warning

For the first time ever, the bells of Zelia's Temple rang through the streets. There was no discernible schedule to them.

The Sister's of Lunacy, comprised of Rosie, Posie, Josie, and Stella, took to the courtyard to share either passages from works dedicated to Zelia or the Moons, Odes to a variety of topics, or to answer general questions.

A madman visited Zelia's Courtyard to rave and share prophecies.

The Booga mailed citizens that found themselves in the lands during the holiday bits and baubles along with bad poetry.

A firebug set fire to various sections of South Haven and summoned "friends" to help her. These friends were fire elementals of various strengths. She was caught by the Vornavian Guard as she tried to sneak into Vornavis to spread the fire.

Holiday - Festival of Oleani

05.17.2024 - Carts arrived one by one on Liabo Esplanade to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Mother Scaevola, the High Priestess of the Order of the Budding Heart, arrived to post a schedule for the upcoming weekend, while her acolytes decorated the streets of Vornavis.

05.18.2024 - Alouetta performed two Blessings of the Rose ceremonies in the Prayer Garden at Oleani's Temple.

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