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Okay, as a preliminary, I'm going to use a system of "0/0/0/0/0" to designate the levels of the various upgrades of a badge. That is, the first spot is the binding, the second is the material, the third is the device, then motif, and finally, the gem. So, the 0/2/0/0/0 badge below is a badge that has a level 2 upgrade on the material, and nothing else.

Additionally, these are what I have as categories for the skills, as far as how enhancive they are:

  • Major skills: All lores, Armor Use, MOC
  • Moderate skills: All weapon skills, all mana control skills, Harness Power, etc.
  • Minor skills: Pickpocket, Survival, First Aid
  • Worthless skills: Climbing, Swimming

I'll complete this list, later.

This is very cool. Please continue with your research. In the mean time, I edited the main page to remove some of the obvious inaccuracy (including the implication that all skill bonuses are the same, in terms of boosting at a given number of upgrades)
I have a suspicion that this actually boils down to "at 0/2/0/0/0, you can have a badge with a recharge cost of up to 500", something of that nature. But I haven't worked on that myself.--GOAT (talk) 17:16, 20 March 2015 (CDT)
Goat- the last edit on this page before yours was made in 2009, I highly doubt this research is ongoing. But your addition was good :) VANKRASN39 (talk) 17:24, 20 March 2015 (CDT)


A 0/2/0/0/0 badge can hold the following:

Strength 3
Constitution 4
Dexterity 4
Agility 4
Discipline 4
Aura 2
Logic 5
Intuition 5
Wisdom 3
Influence 5
Strength bonus 1
Constitution bonus 1
Dexterity bonus 1
Agility bonus 1
Discipline bonus 1
Aura bonus 1
Logic bonus 2
Intuition bonus 2
Wisdom bonus 1
Influence bonus 2
Maximum mana 4
Mana recovery 2
Maximum health 5
Health recovery 2
Maximum stamina 4
Stamina recovery 4
Spirit recovery 0
Major skill ranks
Lores, Armor Use
Moderate skill ranks
Weapons skills, Shield Use
Minor skill ranks
Survival, Pickpocket
Worthless skill ranks
Climbing, Swimming
Major skill bonus
Lores, Armor Use
Moderate skill bonus
Weapons skills, Shield Use
Minor skill bonus
Survival, Pickpocket
Worthless skill bonus
Climbing, Swimming

Level 48 Sorcerer with generally sorcerer skills. There are 3 messages one can receive.

  • Certainly (and adds the enhancement)
  • Tough luck, your badge can't handle that much power.
  • That would make your badge far too powerful for someone like you to handle.
  • Max is the # of ranks I was actually able to put in
  • Max2 is the # of ranks above that which I got the "badge can't handle power" message

I'm assuming that had I been another profession or trained in that skill, I would be able to add that enhancement.

As you can clearly see, 1-1-0-0-0 equals 2-0-0-0-0. So it's better to do Rank 1 on all 5, then rank 2 in all 5... etc etc.


Notes from Arianiss

GOAL 1: 5/5/0/0/0 (unlocks 2nd enhancive)

GOAL 2: 7/7/6/0/0 (unlocks 3rd enhancive)

GOAL 3: 7/7/6/1/0 (power of enhancements is based on total unlocks so unlock the cheapest stuff)

GOAL 4: 7/7/7/6/6

The results of the badge research is 5/5 first, then 7/7/6 after.

It's the first two equal to 10 for 2nd stat and first 3 equal to 20 for the 3rd stat.

The power limit of a badge is for TOTAL enhancive "power" across all 3 (if unlocked) enhanive slots, which slot it's in doesn't matter. iirc you had rank 9 upgrade in your first spot? You could redo your badge and spread out the BP for ranks 8 & 9 (170k BP) into cheaper upgrades for a higher total of upgrades (which dictates the maximum power)

WINTERDAWN (talk) 22:04, 23 March 2021 (CDT)