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Familiar Table Updates

New FWI familiars announced today. I've got a list of descriptors I'm compiling and am in process of updating the familiars table. MOURNE (talk) 23:42, 7 May 2018 (CDT)

Updated with known data. If anyone sees descriptors that aren't in the table but doesn't feel inclined to add them, I'm willing to fall on that grenade. Just list the full description of what you've seen below this comment. MOURNE (talk) 05:50, 9 May 2018 (CDT)

Old Discussion

here's the list of familiars by area if anyone wants to do something with that:

We have had several requests asking for a list of possible familiars. Here it is! Wehnimer's Landing

a grey wolf
a white/black/calico/grey/tabby cat
a field/white/grey/brown mouse
a horned/bull/brown/large frog
a raven
a falcon
a hawk
a white/horned/spotted/speckled owl

Teras Isle

a ruffed/ring-tailed/bamboo/fork-marked/mouse lemur
a large green/brown/grey/ocher/spotted chameleon
a field/white/grey/brown mouse
a horned/bull/brown/large frog
a white/black/calico/grey/tabby cat
a pelican
a black billed/speckled/bright blue/horn billed toucan
a large fruit bat
a hooded/red-brown/black/brown pitohui

Icemule Trace

a snowshoe hare
a penguin
an emporor penguin
an arctic fox
a blue/arctic wolf
a snowy/white/great white owl
a rock ptarmigan
a gyrefalcon
a white cat

Aenatumgana (Pinefar "top of the world" area)

a arctic/great white wolf
an emporor/little blue/royal/king/crested penguin
a snowy/great white owl
an arctic fox

Elven Nations

a horned/bull/brown/large/green/small frog
a large green/brown/grey/ocher/spotted chameleon
a field/white/grey/brown/pocket/furry/forest mouse
a white/black/calico/grey/tabby/charcoal/fluffy/long-haired cat
a red/black/blue fox
a grey wolf
a raven
a falcon
a black/red-tailed hawk
a white/horned/spotted/speckled/grey owl
a small bat

Everything else defaults to Wehnimer's Landing I didn't make this list, just saw it posted on the boards justin talk 21:38, 9 July 2006 (EDT)