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Call Familiar (920)
Mnemonic [FAMILIAR]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration 60 sec per Wizard Base rank
Span Stackable
Utility Magic  
Components Can use, but not required 
Availability Self-cast 
Wizard Base Spells
Minor Shock (901) Attack
Minor Elemental Edge (902) Offensive
Minor Water (903) Attack
Minor Acid (904) Attack
Prismatic Guard (905) Defensive
Minor Fire (906) Attack
Major Cold (907) Attack
Major Fire (908) Attack
Tremors (909) Attack
Major Shock (910) Attack
Mass Blur (911) Defensive
Call Wind (912) Attack
Melgorehn's Aura (913) Defensive
Sandstorm (914) Attack
Weapon Fire (915) Attack
Invisibility (916) Utility
Earthen Fury (917) Attack
Duplicate (918) Utility
Wizard's Shield (919) Defensive
Call Familiar (920) Utility
Enchant (925) Utility
Familiar Gate (930) Utility
Core Tap (950) Utility

Call Familiar enables a wizard to summon an animal to their side as a companion. Cast unaided, the spell calls out to the nearest appropriate animal in the region, resulting in an arbitrary familiar. The duration of the effect may be refreshed in order to retain a particular familiar over an extended period of time.

Call Familiar is used in conjunction with Familiar Gate (930) for easy transport to wherever the familiar is located.

At 40 or more ranks in the Wizard Base Spell Circle, a wizard can use SUMMON to specify the type, adjective, article, and gender of the familiar they wish to summon. This method will always summon a familiar of the specified type while the other options have a chance to be different than specified.

Additional ranks in the Wizard Base Spell Circle increase the chance to summon a familiar with the specified detail by 1% per rank. The chance for the adjective to match is equal to the player's Wizard spell ranks, with a -20% modifier for the article, and a -40% modifier for the gender. For the purposes of this formula, ranks in the Wizard Base Spell Circle are capped at the wizard's level. As such, the maximum chances to apply the requested article and gender are 80% and 60% respectively.

Syntax - SUMMON [gender] [[article] adjective] {type}


Familiars are controlled using TELL.

LOOK [player, object, creature] look through a familiar's eyes
READ read an object in the room it is in
ANCHOR sets an anchor room for the familiar to return to (50 Water Lore ranks)
GO ANCHOR familiar will return to the set anchor room
GO, ENTER, CLIMB move in a direction, traverse a portal, or send a familiar into a home
SAY speak through a familiar
GET pick up and hold a small item
DROP drop a held item
FIND search for another character
EMOTE [options] familiar actions
ACT [options] set activity level and demeanor of a familiar
STAY remain in the current room; cease following a character
RETURN return familiar to caster's room, even when the caster is invisible
WATCH watch the room a familiar is in
STOP cease watching the room
RESCUE send a familiar to look for help when the caster is dead
FLY, LAND, STAND, SIT more familiar actions
SLEEP Tells familiar to sleep at location, after 5 mins of sleeping the familiar will automatically hide
HIDE Used to tell a sleeping familiar to hide immediately at it's currently location
LEAVE the familiar will leave and the spell will need to be recast

Lore Benefits

Elemental Lore, Air

Every 100 skill bonus of Elemental Lore, Air will decrease the amount of time it takes for a familiar to find a player, with the maximum benefit occurring at 200 skill. Familiars use a "round system" for travel and finding people. A round fluctuates depending on the calculated distance. The lore benefit reduces those rounds.

Elemental Lore, Air ranks 24 100
Approximate % time reduction 25% 50%
Not all thresholds shown, only those provided in release post. Benefit is hard to quantify.

Elemental Lore, Water

50 ranks of Elemental Lore, Water will unlock the ability to set an anchor to the naturally occurring earthnode of a caster's choice. Setting an anchor will allow the mage to TELL FAMILIAR TO GO ANCHOR, and the familiar will return to that room. The controlling mage can set the anchor room remotely through the familiar using TELL FAMILIAR ANCHOR. The anchor is a setting specific to the mage and does not need to be reset when a new familiar is cast. Each mage has one anchor setting.

75 ranks of Elemental Lore, Water will unlock the ability to TELL FAMILIAR TO TRAVEL <town>. The familiar will travel to any town within the same zone. Once the familiar has reached the town, you may cast spell 930 to open a gate.

Binding Rune and Familiar Talismans

A wizard may choose to consistently call the same type of familiar by use the binding rune. Once the wizard has found a fellow wizard to teach him this rune, he must create the binding rune using a brush, ink and blank runestone, all available in the local alchemist shops.

Once the wizard has a binding runestone, he must purchase a familiar talisman from the local Wizard Guild shop.

  • WAVE the binding runestone at the familiar talisman in order to prepare it
  • WAVE the prepared familiar talisman at the familiar of choice.
  • Seal the familiar talisman by casting the Call Familiar spell at it.
  • To summon the familiar, cast Call Familiar at the familiar talisman. Each familiar talisman has 20 charges.

Using the GAZE verb to look at a talisman will reveal the familiar the talisman summons.

>gaze my talisman
As your eyes traverse across the grain of an faewood weasel talisman, the misty image of a ragged-eared mangy-furred weasel fills your vision before slowly fading away.

More advanced familiar talismans can be made via alchemy.

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This section is player research. Some available descriptors may not yet be recorded.
Animal Locations Base descriptors* Secondary descriptors** Emotes
Bat Teras Isle
Elven Nations
small large short-nosed bare-backed Shriek
fruit spotted little-collar long-tailed
pygmy long-tongued
Bandicoot Isle of the Four Winds charcoal grey burnished cord-tailed blunt-eared Chitter, Scratch, Gaze, Wiggle, Twitch
yellowish brown light brown bottle-nosed stubby-eared
fuzzy grey dusty brown short-nosed ebon-eared
fuzzy brown golden brown long-nosed pink-eyed
reddish brown gold onyx-nosed pinch-eyed
greyish brown plump
Beetle TBD [no descriptors] Charge, Circle, Click, Flutter, Hiss, Observe, Threaten, Wander
Cat Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Icemule Trace
Teras Isle
Elven Nations
Kraken's Fall
black calico blue-eyed disheveled Hiss, Purr, Meow, Sniff, Clean, Bristle, Paw, Twitch, Rub, Nudge
charcoal ginger fat fluffy
grey tabby green-eyed long-haired
white orange-eyed plump
shabby short-haired
Alchemy silver-eyed pure white
silver-ruffed charcoal black
Chameleon Teras Isle
Elven Nations
black brown large small Hiss, Shift, Lick
dwarf forest
green grey
leaf mountain
ochre spotted
Cockatiel Isle of the Four Winds light green pale yellow pink-cheeked white-winged Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
pale green dusty yellow ruby-cheeked white-faced
dusty grey bright yellow croak-beaked white-banded
saffron yellow albino beady-eyed grey-banded
Coyote Alchemy lithe golden-eyed
Falcon Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Elven Nations
Zul Logoth
Kraken's Fall
long-winged narrow-winged large ruffled Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
red-footed red-necked sleek small
Fox Icemule Trace
Elven Nations
arctic bat-eared disheveled sleek Growl, Bark, Squint, Clean, Paw, Wag
black blue
desert grey
kit red
Alchemy black-footed plump red
Frog Wehnimer's Landing
Kraken's Fall
River's Rest
Teras Isle
Zul Logoth
brown bull large plump Croak, Lick, Blink
green green tree slimy small
horned tree speckled spotted
Alchemy heavy-set bull
Gyrfalcon Icemule Trace [no descriptors] Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
Hare Icemule Trace black broom black-tailed white-tailed Chitter, Scratch, Gaze, Wiggle, Twitch
cape mountain
red savanna
scrub snowshoe
Hawk Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Elven Nations
Kraken's Fall
black black-mantled large ruffled Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
grey-bellied grey-headed sleek small
red-chested red-tailed
spot-tailed white-bellied
Alchemy dappled broad-winged
Hummingbird Isle of the Four Winds dusty brown viridian white-bellied white-winged Flit, Sing, Hover, Squawk, Dart
burnt umber jade green plum-bellied yellow-winged
violet emerald plum-sheened ruby-throated
turquoise celadon plum-crested delicate
burnished grey green-black blunt-nosed needle-nosed
Iguana Isle of the Four Winds pale green light viridian spike-backed drab Gaze, Hiss, Lick, Stretch, Lay, Freeze
leafy green jade green short-snouted aged
grass green emerald long-snouted scaly
russet brown deep green three-toed split-tailed
Jackal Alchemy rangy dappled grey
Lemur Teras Isle bamboo black greater lesser Screech, Jump, Search, Forage
brown crowned sleek small
dwarf fork-crowned
golden fork-marked
grey grey-headed
mouse red-bellied
ring-tailed red-collared
ruffled white-collared
Marmoset Isle of the Four Winds dark brown dark grey petite blunt-faced Peep, Leap, Search, Hunt
chocolate brown light grey fuzzy lion-faced
burnt umber inky black ebon-bellied white-bellied
russet albino strip-headed pink-handed
Melomys Isle of the Four Winds dark brown dark grey plump blunt-nosed Squeak, Clean, Yawn
chocolate brown inky black fluffy pointy-faced
burnt umber auburn beady-eyed fuzzy-faced
albino russet pink-eyed ebon-eyed
dusty brown light brown long-tailed
Merlin Alchemy slim dove grey
Mouse Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Teras Isle
Elven Nations
Kraken's Fall
black brown fat plump Squeak, Clean, Yawn
field forest sleek tiny
furry pocket
grey white
[no descriptor]
Owl Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Icemule Trace
Elven Nations
Kraken's Fall
barn pygmy greater lesser Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
barred screech ruffled sleek
bay snowy
crested sooty
eagle speckled
elf spectacled
grass spotted
great white striped
grey tawny
hawk white
horned white-faced
maned wood
Alchemy dark-eyed grey barred
Parakeet Isle of the Four Winds deep green grass green brown-banded yellow-necked Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
jade green soft white grey-winged yellow-headed
sky blue dusky rose plum-headed celadon
dusky grey
Pelican Teras Isle brown pink-backed large ruffled Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
white spot-billed small sleek
Penguin Icemule Trace
crested emperor [no descriptors] Squawk, Flap, Shake
king royal
yellow-eyed little blue
Phantasma TBD [no descriptors] Mock, Gaze, Stare, Bow
Pitohui Teras Isle rusty hooded [no descriptors] Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
red-brown black
brown crested
Ptarmigan Icemule Trace rock [no descriptors] Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
Puppet TBD [no descriptors] Point, Gaze, Stare, Lay, Bow
Pygmy-Parrot Isle of the Four Winds peacock blue bright yellow blunt-faced yellow-capped Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
deep green celadon puff-faced croak-beaked
emerald indigo brown-faced ruby-bellied
pale green viridian umber-faced white-bellied
yellow-capped ebon-faced
Raven Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Elven Nations
Zul Logoth
Kraken's Fall
[no descriptors] large ruffled Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
small sleek
Alchemy glossy coal black
Serpent Isle of the Four Winds jade green dark brown sinuous white-bellied Hiss, Coil, Strike
emerald pale grey slender wide-bodied
leaf green dark grey tiny onyx-bellied
dusty green diamond-scaled spotted wide-headed
grass green teardrop-scaled plain flat-headed
ruby white-banded blunt-nosed slit-eyed
coral-banded fork-tongued
Spider TBD [no descriptors] Bite, Dance, Hunt, Scurry, Threaten
Sugar-Glider Isle of the Four Winds dusky grey straw yellow fuzzy pink-eared Glide, Twitch, Touch, Scrub, Nuzzle
albino white pale brown whiskered plump-cheeked
dusty brown sandy brown bug-eyed pot-bellied
fuzzy brown white-bellied pink-faced
dusty yellow
Tamarin Isle of the Four Winds dusky brown dark grey white-maned pink-cheeked Peep, Leap, Search, Hunt
fuzzy brown fuzzy grey brown-maned mustachioed
light brown burnished grey red-maned pinch-faced
dusty brown burnished red brown-crested blunt-faced
golden red red-crested
Tarsier Isle of the Four Winds peach-hued light grey flop-eared brown-faced Trill, Leap, Search, Hunt
light brown speckled grey large-eared fuzzy-faced
dirty brown dark grey pink-eared blunt-faced
deep brown russet wrinkled wide-eyed
pale brown dusty brown blunt-tailed bug-eyed
Toad Alchemy squat pebble-backed Croak, Lick, Blink
Toucan Teras Isle blue bright blue black-banded ivory-billed Squawk, Ruffle, Preen, Peck, Flap, Stretch
collared emerald black-billed red-billed
green hooded black-necked red-necked
speckled [no descriptor] blue-banded spot-billed
curl-crested stripe-billed
fiery-billed yellow-browed
grey-breasted yellow-ridged
Wolf Wehnimer's Landing
River's Rest
Icemule Trace
Elven Nations
Kraken's Fall
arctic blue [no descriptors] Bark, Growl, Snarl, Howl, Sniff, Whine, Bristle,Clean, Paw, Wag, Pant
great white grey
Alchemy amber-eyed grizzled timber
Air Wyrdling Requires Attunement: Air
Located Anywhere
[no descriptors] cloudy-eyed long-eared
ethereal long-nosed
foggy-eyed soft-featured
lithe white-eyed
Earth Wyrdling Requires Attunement: Earth
Located Anywhere
[no descriptors] amber-eyed large-nosed
crumbling rough
crystal-eyed round-eared
dusty squat
dusty-eyed stout
Fire Wyrdling Requires Attunement: Fire
Located Anywhere
[no descriptors] angular sharp-eared
ember-eyed sharp-nosed
lanky smoky
red-eyed smoky-eyed
scaled smoldering
Lightning Wyrdling Requires Attunement: Lightning
Located Anywhere
[no descriptors] angular nebulous Snicker, Grin, Squint, Blink, Wave, Bow, Stare
bright-eyed scaled
hook-nosed silver-eyed
jagged-eared spark-eyed
Water Wyrdling Requires Attunement: Water
Located Anywhere
[no descriptors] blue-eyed misty-eyed
frothy-eyed sleek
lithe small-nosed
long-eared smooth
* - Not all descriptors are found in all areas for a given creature
** - Secondary descriptor may be blank
Raelee's Familiars List
Talk:Call Familiar (920)
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