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Heh. The wizard article -- is similar, yes. It uses a different format to seperate the skills -- though I admit that it is similar to what you were trying to do, until I changed it.

Yeah, it separates skills into general, secondary, and spell training, then the subsections aren't headers. When they are headers, like in this article, I'd like to avoid linking them. If you'd prefer to go with the method that the Wizard article used, put a semicolon before the skill you're talking about, then a colon to indent the next line. For example:

;[[Spirit Mana Control]]
:Spiritual Mana Control has several impacts on clerics, the first of which is governing the efficiency...

Which produces:

Spirit Mana Control
Spiritual Mana Control has several impacts on clerics, the first of which is governing the efficiency...
Andy talk 17:40, 4 February 2007 (EST)

Will do. That's kind of in-progress, and I think it looks better than having a retardedly-long Table of Contents, too. Added your comment about shields, which I'd forgotten since I haven't used one in about 70 levels. Also added the VERBS, which I think most people haven't fully explored. Immediate plans: Flesh out skill training, put up basic articles for the archetypes (I can write SorcPriest and Rescuing Cleric, but I know next-to-nothing about Melee), and then hit up the verbs. Jeremy 18:28, 4 February 2007 (EST)

Well, I like how the page is turning out; good job. Yeah, the verbs list in KP does need some work -- there are many resources for verbs, but KP isn't really one of them, yet. Granted, it probably covers the verbs it does have more thoroughly than most other resources. - Andy talk 03:59, 5 February 2007 (EST)

Spell Listings

It seems that slowly but surely, every single spell in the 3 circles is being added to the list of highlighted spells. While I agree with newer Cleric Base spells being added, I don't agree that adding something like Disease Resistance or Prayer of Holding adds any quality to the article. And after further review, they should probably all be moved to their respective spell circle pages. VANKRASN39 (talk) 18:53, 2 February 2017 (CST)

I agree that none of them should be listed but rather just point to the spell lists themselves. I added them because players value spells differently and figured if we were going to list some then we should list all. I thought it redundant at the time, but was more focused on adding rather than removing text. I'll remove all the spells and just point them to the spell lists. This makes the most sense as future changes will be updated automatically. The focus should always be to have the information listed in one place and the point to the source whenever possible. -Palvella
I made an attempt to standardize it with the other pure profession pages/bring it up to grammar/editing standards, but I think it still needs heavy editing. VANKRASN39 (talk) 01:40, 5 February 2017 (CST)