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Good article but I'm not sure the River's Rest residents invented this or not. I've been playing Gem Of Doom for quite a while, I would remove the part about RR residents inventing it, but you could mention it's popularity there and Beacon Hall sponsoring games. Drew 05:38, 15 December 2007 (EST)

I know it's been played in RR since at least 2003 when I first came back to GS from a several year break (and I believe for quite a while before that). If it's been played elsewhere before then, I'll be happy to change at least the wording myself. -Om1e5ga

I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers. The origins of gem of fate started by a group of bored late night adventurers, Deathore, Herberto, Neathon and Sakalav. They wanted to confirm a theory, could call lightning be cast at a crossbow bolt, fired at a target and then have the spell go off once the bolt found it's target. They borded the Krol ship, found a Krolvin Warfarer, went through the process and the theory was proven to be a success. A few nights later Herberto came up with the grand idea of using turban, casting call lightning on the turban, then passing it around the group, each participant wearing, removing and passing the Turban on to the next player, this game was called Turban of Death. We did not follow any rules of conduct, we thumbed our noses at the gods. How it became Gem of Fate is beyond my knowledge, though it was probably changed to a gem because of cheating, if there is such a thing to a smuggler. ERWINEJ (talk)Neathon