Gem of Fate

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Gem of Fate is yet another game created by bored residents of River's Rest that virtually guarantees the majority of the players end up either dead or severely maimed. While Gem of Fate generally doesn't rack up quite the body count of Dodge the Void, if you see a group of adventurers with missing limbs and holes in their chest dragging a couple corpses into the commons, it's a safe bet they were playing this game.

Gem of Fate has also gained a bit more fame than some of the other games in the Rest, games of it even being sponsored by Beacon Hall Archives, the town's CHE.


Playing Gem of Fate is quite simple, as with most games in the Rest. All you need is a sack full of (preferably expensive) gems and someone capable of casting Call Lightning (125) to lead the game.

Once there are a suitable number of players (the more you have, the longer the game), the game leader selects a gem from the bag and places it on the ground. After ensuring that none of the players are in his, or her, group, the leader then casts Call Lightning at the gem and exits the room (usually only to the next room over or ideally the Gazebo).

At this time, no players may leave the room. Any who do are considered "out" and must stay out of the room until the game is complete. Those ruled out for this reason do not receive any prize.

In due course, the storm cloud will form and shoot a single bolt of lightning at the gem, which is then usually deflected to a random unfortunate player. This player is now considered "out" and must stay out of the room until the game is complete, taking the gem used in that round with them as a consolation prize. It is also possible the gem will be destroyed without deflecting to anyone, in which case the round must be redone with a new gem.

Gameplay continues with subsequent rounds until there is only one player left who is not "out". This person is the winner and gets to keep the sack and any remaining gems inside.

Those who are not playing or whom are out may be kept informed of how the game is progressing via the amunet; it is also possible to watch with various "pets" (familiars, floating eyes, etc). These days, Beacon Hall has constructed a gazebo with a visual theme of shattered gems specifically for the game, adjacent to the Courtyard; those not playing or who are "out" can safely witness the game directly from the Gazebo without participating.

OOC Warnings

If leading a game of Gem of Fate, make certain all participants understand that they may die and/or be maimed during the course of game play or you may be in violation of TOS.

In modern times, honest empaths and clerics are allowed to heal and raise players, particularly in the case of scheduled events. This allowance was previously banned from abuse, so please apply your best judgement. Playing this game is not an excuse to maim people nor an excuse to heal them as an "incidental" consequence. However, whether you play or do not play deadly games, it is permitted to help people playing scheduled events to the best of your abilities.