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I attempted to work with staff to get the appropriate pages updated on this change and in that process it was discovered that not all spells are necessarily set up the same. I attempted to bump the issue multiple times, as it's already been almost a year since these changes were made and the pages still are not updated, but to no avail. It's discouraging to not get responses for issues like this and it's sad to see the mechanics pages get so far behind. VANKRASN39 (talk) 16:36, 14 November 2021 (CST)

Discord Message Link: Msg
Date: 10/3/2021

VANKRASN39: @Zissu does the mana control training replace the lore benefit training for additional targets on spells like Silence (210) and Slow (504)

GM ZISSU: @VANKRASN39 Yes it does.
Actually, my apologies.
It does for 210, but not 504.  504 wasn't changed. 

okay, so we have to go spell by spell, these all need to be checked for lore benefits: 316, 512, 1602, 1630
here are spells with previous MC benefits: 
335 has a previous SMC target formula
518 has a previous EMC target formula
703 has previous EMC/SMC bonus, also mass effect is unlocked via MCs
950 has previous EMC target formula
1117 says only previously only MMC is involved in target # determination 
1120 has previous MMC/SMC target formula
1203 has previous MMC target formula

GM ZISSU: I will go through those and confirm.  The vast majority are on the new logic, but want to verify.