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I'm not sure how this page should have this information added:

When set on fire:

As the flames break upon the crimson silk cloak, the fire is absorbed into the fabric, each thread subtly backlit by a fiery glow. In a rush that causes the air to distort, crimson flames erupt and race to cover the garment in a cloak of living fire as an incandescent flame-wreathed cloak with flickering embers along its sleeves is revealed.

Ambient messaging when on fire:

A cacophony of whispers rise around <character> moments before crimson flames errupt from his flame-wreathed cloak, sheathing him in flame from head to toe. The stirring air tugs gently at his hair before slowly dying, along with the flames.

Thin fingers of crimson flame rise from the fabric of <character>'s flame-wreathed cloak, licking hungrily at the air.

From the shoulders of <character>'s flame-wreathed cloak, spirals of crimson flame twine down his arms to coalesce about his wrists.

ARMYJEN (talk) 19:58, 20 August 2018 (CDT)